Subliminal Communications Month on September, 2024: Subliminal "I-Want-You-Back Letter" to my Ex?

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Subliminal "I-Want-You-Back Letter" to my Ex?

Idk why girls are so complicated lol. I think it would be so much easier to just be upfront with him talk to him. Rather than a complicated letter with a possible subliminal messege. Us guys are very simple in the way we think. We get confused very easily and get mixed messeges. I think you're going to confuse him more. Just my opinion as a guy. Good luck :)

My mom says she doesn’t want me watching MTV but my dad doesn’t care. What should I do.?

My mom says she doesn't want me watching MTV but my dad doesn't care. What should I do.?

subliminal messages in the music well not so subliminal anymore, the same goes for the videos. I know that at this age is very difficult to understand the reason our parents forbid us from doing some things. But I would ask my mom her reasons, I can just tell you that your mom wants what's better for you and so and so, but I know that doesn't help at your age, you need specifics and your mom is the best one to give you those specifics you need. Plus, that's going to help you built a better communication with her. Dads .... well they are very permissive even though sometimes they know is not the best thing, they just don't want to deal with the drama and the confrontation, but moms will fight for what's best for their off springs, because they have a whole different love and passion for their children. Mother's connections are stronger.

How do you ask someone if they would go out with you again?

How do you ask someone if they would go out with you again?

I have to disagree with the subliminal crap and tell you to tell him this straight up. Communication is the key to a relationship. Ask anyone with a good relationship or a therapist and they will tell you that. Tell him you miss him and want to be with him again! Have a good talk, that is the only way to solve your problem. Luck. :)

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