Child Support Awareness Month on August, 2024: How many fathers paying child support feel?

August, 2024 is Child Support Awareness Month 2024. August is Child Support Awareness Month August is Child Support Awareness Month serving to remind parents that

How many fathers paying child support feel........?

The child support money should go to the care of the child and yet it is not monitored how the parent spends the money.

I've known several women who do make a career out of having babies to support themselves and they are wicked creatures, I'm talking 3 to 5 kids all with different fathers "just for the child support" and the courts don't monitor these creatures. They are not good mothers, their children are their property to squeeze and milk the fathers for every dime they can get. I've known them to schedule a new pregnancy when one child is reaching 18 so she can continue to get child support. It literally makes me sick.

All I can say is Mothers talk to you sons and explain that this is an exposure for them, it can be a lifetime of misery and heartache.

When I hear a man complain that this has happened to him, I will usually say you pleasured yourself with her and "you made that baby" and no matter the who, what, where, when, will support that child and hopefully be a good parent to the child. It's not the child's fault he/she was conceived.

Child support is lucrative, the mothers don't even have to report the income, they get a hefty tax return if they worked anytime during a year and get deductions for all their little dependents at the end of the year.

Do I know a solution? Only public awareness. Boys and men being warned not to pleasure themselves with wicked creatures and even with protection it's still not fail proof.

As difficult as it is for you and your husband, you have to accept that your husband's obligation to his child is long term. His income will always be subject to review. The courts do not tolerate children being kept from their fathers.

If your husband has a stated visitation schedule order from the courts, go straight to the courthouse and file a contempt of court order hearing with the judge. If your husband does not have a stated visitation schedule order from the courts, he needs to get one and an attorney will have to file a petition for a court to review and approve.

Think of all of this as "taking care of business", don't make it personal, the X against my husband. In time we learn to adapt to conditions. Make your life with your husband your own and his child, your child.

Good Luck To You

What color ribbon do I wear in Canada to support Child Abuse Awareness month??

What color ribbon do I wear in Canada to support Child Abuse Awareness month??

In Canada, it is called the Purple Ribbon Campaign.

Is there a National Abortion Awareness month?

Is there a National Abortion Awareness month?

February is kind of understood as the closest to it- it's when we have Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day in Canada (on the 12th), so that's a great time to take some action to help prevent abortions, like supporting access to contraception, comprehensive sexual education, universal healthcare, family and child-friendly legislation (Family & Medical Leave Act, welfare and aid policies), etc.. If you know folks who are sexually active, make it a priority to ask them what means they're taking to protect themselves against unplanned pregnancy. Make sure your local pharmacies dispense and carry contraception and emergency contraception like Plan B. Donate to your local comprehensive family planning clinic like Planned Parenthood- remember, they prevent a vast majority of abortions every year by providing contraception and contraceptive counseling to low-income folks!

Hope that helps!

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