Coin Week on April, 2024: Would Coins corrode in one week?

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Would Coins corrode in one week?

Depends on what coin you are using

Lots of factor influence corrosion

1) type of metal present


3)oxygen present


5)all other chemicals that may effect metal in one way or other

6) temperature

But for fastest corrosion, use new pennies (1982 or later). Today's copper-plated zinc pennies will corrode faster than older pennies (pre 1982) or nickels, dimes, or quarters.

You may also be able to get corrosion going a bit faster with galvanic action by putting different kinds of coins in the water but touching(maybe one coin lying on top of a smaller one, or partially on top of it).

Week 5 Running Backs?

Week 5 Running Backs?

Coin flip time...double elim, loser sits this week. Guy with most YPG is heads while opponent with less YPG is tails.

Steven Jackson (heads) vs. Deshaun Foster (tails) - it is heads, Jackson moves on, Deshaun goes to losers circle.

Tatum Bell (heads) vs. Frank Gore (tails) - it is tails, Gore moves on to face Jackson while Tatum goes to loser circle vs. Foster

Tatum Bell (heads) vs. Deshaun Foster (tails) - it is heads, Foster loses so Foster is my 1st choice to sit. Tatum faces the loser of Jackson/Gore.

Steven Jackson (heads) vs. Frank Gore (tails) - it is tails, Frank Gore is my last choice to sit. Steven Jackson plays Tatum Bell for 2nd/3rd place.

Tatum Bell (heads) vs. Steven Jackson (tails) - it is tails, Jackson wins which means Tatum is the second choice to sit.

First choice to sit: Deshaun Foster

Second choice to sit: Tatum Bell

Third choice to sit: Steven Jackson

Fourth choice to sit: Frank Gore

It is a toss-up seriously. I would honestly say sit Foster but any of these guys could go on to have a big day.

Foster is the low man with only 66.8 ypg but he has also faced pretty good defenses along the way, he is a better RB than Lamont Jordan and Jordan torched the Browns, so you never know.

Bell is the high man with 98.3 ypg. He is going against the Ravens D but the Ravens D hasnt faced a prolific offense and the game should stay close which means alot of touches for Bell. LT is only avg. 2 more ypg and he ran for 98 against the Ravens (in no way is that a comparison of the two RB though haha). Ravens D is a lil old and I just dont think they are as great as the Bears D and think they will not prove to be the same towards the end of the season.

Jackson has had a great year with almost 92 ypg, he is also going against a team who is not very good all around and I believe the Rams should be up quick in this which could mean to alot of running out of the clock by this man. The Rams new offense has seemed to make a point by rushing the ball this year alot more with Jackson getting 22.5 carries per game.

Gore is in the middle but having a better year than expected with 82.8 ypg. The only bad thing is the fact that Alex Smith is not a great QB and if he has a repeat game alot of pressure can be put on Gore by the D and they can focus on him. But then again he is going against Oakland who's D also sucks, they gave up over 100 to Reuben just last week.

Alot of rambling just to really doesnt matter who you start it really is a toss up!!!

hi my husband found an old coin on the beach a few weeks ago?

hi my husband found an old coin on the beach a few weeks ago?

It's a coin from Great Britain, issued under the reign of King George IV(1820-30). The inscription along the rim reads GEORGIUS IIII D[ei] G[ratia] BRITANNIAR[um] REX F[idei] D[efensor] (George IV, by the grace of God King of the Britains (British kingdoms), Defender of the Faith), and on earlier-dated coins, George IV was the last British King to be depicted wearing a Roman-style laurel wreath. This bust of the King was designed by Italian engraver Benedetto Pistrucci, who also designed the famous St George Slaying Dragon reverse found on British silver crowns and soveriegns. George VI coins with the numeral four written as "IIII" are:

Farthing - If your coin is about the size of a cent and copper color.

1 Penny - If your coin is about the size of a half dollar and copper color.

6 pence - If your coin is about the size of a dime and silver color.

1 Shilling - If your coin is about the size of a quarter and silver color.

1/2 Crown - If your coin is slightly larger than a half dollar and silver color.

1 Crown - If your coin is slightly larger than an Eisenhower dollar and silver color.

1/2 Sovereign - If your coin is about the size of a dime and gold color.

1 Sovereign - If your coin is slightly smaller than a quarter and gold color.

2 Pounds - If your coin is larger than a quarter and gold color.

If the date on your coin is visible, then you can use this website to check the estimated values.

Refer to the column "F"; the value is either half or 1/3 of that. If the date is completely worn off, then you coin is worth only the precious metal value if gold or silver. Good luck

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