Air Quality Awareness Week on April, 2025: Gurus and Acharyas week - Dattatreya - Hinduism - Gurus to Swami Dattatreya - How many gurus to

Air Quality Awareness Week 2025. NWS Air Quality Awareness NWS Air Quality Awareness

Gurus and Acharyas week - Dattatreya - Hinduism - Gurus to Swami Dattatreya - How many gurus to

The earth, Air, The sky, water, fire, the moon, the sun, a Pigeon.a Python, an Ocean, a moth,

a honey-bee, an elephant, one who takes out honey from bee-hives, a deer, a fish, a harlot whose name was Pingala. A bird of name Kurari in Hindi,A child,The unmarried girl ,a person who prepares arrows for archery,a Snake,a Spider,an insect of name Bhringa in sanskrit.

Earth:From the earth, Dattatreya learned the qualities of forgiveness, unselfishness and the strength to bear burdens.

Air:The air to Dattatreya was a symbol of aliveness, prana carried in its garments.

Sky:The atman resides in the body but it is not the body.

Water:His fourth guru was water. In. its very ordinariness water is extraordinary, It supports all life.

Fire:His fifth guru was fire, which destroys all that is gross. Like the inner fire of awareness that reduces everything to its essence (bhasma), purifying ruthlessly whatever is poured into it, fire reminded him of freedom from the defects of avidya.

Moon:The moon seems to wax and wane, yet there is no intrinsic change in it. Likewise the moods and changes in man are qualities of body and mind, not part of the atman.

Sun:From the sun, that takes water from the ocean by evaporating it and returning it as life-giving rain water, Dattatreya realised that through the sense-organs one can take in the essence of the objects of perception without being obsessed with the external form of the object.

Pigeon:From a pigeon that had little fledglings, which when caught in a net by a hunter, cried piteously, luring the mother to her death, Dattatreya realised the dangers of samskara. Too much involvement in samskara re suits in the destruction of spirituality. It was attachment to the family that was responsible for the destruction of spirituality.

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Uncomfortable Heartbeat Awareness?

Uncomfortable Heartbeat Awareness?

Palpitations/Arrythmia and Atrial Fibrilation could also be to blame. Real medical conditions. They could also be onset by anxiety and stress. Being that you are new to Shanghai, how is your stress levels? Try relaxation exercises and try not to stress about your new surroundings. Also limit your caffeine/alcohol intake (which are known contributors as well as stress) and hydrate properly everyday. If these home remedies don't correct this, then I would get diagnosed by a doctor.

Do hindu push-ups also work the lats? ?

Do hindu push-ups also work the lats? ?

most defiantly. not only straighten, but increase flexibility, increase the blood flow to the heart. a very unknown , well respected form of pain free, mental awareness exercises. i do not want to offend any person, the video will help. but Only to a certain extent. at your age using this method. you will decrease the chance of any cardiovascular , diabetic condition. the benefits will be noticed within four weeks. when you perspire, you will notice a bad case body odour. easily cured by a shower. the video may assist. a proper book would be a better choice. these can be ordered from your Library. great great choice to long lasting physical mental health. if there is a negative, your body will produce so much more oxygen . the air quality will become a major political issue for you. also you will be avoiding second hand smoke . great great choice.

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