Computer Science Education Week on December, 2022: Is Computer ScienceTechnology a good job sector?

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Is Computer Science/Technology a good job sector?

Computer science and software engineering are excellent high paying jobs. However, video gaming is just one part of computer science and they are right that it is hard to get into and make money. I personnally do avionics software and making 100k a year and we are almoat always hiring.

Can I teach my self computer science?

Can I teach my self computer science?

Those of us who were cutting code before the term "computer science" existed will have to say "yes", since most of us DIDN'T work for IBM (the only place to get a formal education in programming back then). But self-taught or college-educated, the programming field is dynamic, so you're in for a lifetime of education. If you don't like taking classes, programming professionally for a few decades isn't for you. (I've been cutting code since 1973, but I'm taking 2 week-long classes next month.)

If you want to start learning programming (not learning a particular computer language - they're not the same thing, no matter what anyone tells you), Wirth's "Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs" is an excellent place to start. It's old, but the concepts haven't changed.

Difference between Software Engineering and Computer Science?

Difference between Software Engineering and Computer Science?

All I remember is being told that the career of software engineers don't last that long,and your best career options will be when you are young. But i think computer science is programming and theory, while software engineering is building software.

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