Halcyon Days on December, 2024: What does "Halcyon Days" mean?

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Halcyon Days may refer to:


Halcyon Days: Interviews with Classic Computer and Video Game Programmers is a digital book edited by James Hague and published in 1997. The book was originally formatted using HTML and sold via mail-order, shipped on a floppy disk by Dadgum Games for USD$20. In 2002 Halcyon Days was made freely available on the web.

What does "Halcyon Days" mean?

Halcyon days are days that are usually quiet, calm and peaceful.

Are Obama’s halcyon days a distant figment of ancient history?

Are Obama's halcyon days a distant figment of ancient history?

Obama's halcyon days didn't last very long, because he was not very effective at hiding his incompetence. Even his supporters realized, although of course they wouldn't say it, that Obama was in way over his head. Then his bowing, kneeling, ring-kissing and apologizing trips to Europe and the Middle East outraged even more people. Add to that his unprecedented spending, the staggering deficit, and his poll numbers started heading down. Recently, his petulant and unpresidential speeches have fellow Democrats running for cover. They are beginning to distance themselves from Obama. Obama has become toxic. The wheels are coming off. His poll numbers are now falling faster than that piece of space junk. The good times for Obama are such a distant memory, it's almost as if there never were any.

what is meant by the expression the halcyon days?

what is meant by the expression the halcyon days?

- mythologically, it refers to happy days before tragedy (alcyone and ceyx were very happy together in trachis, until they angered the gods because they called each other "zeus" and "hera" and zeus killed ceyx);

- today, some people use 'alcy' as short for "alcoholic" and 'halcycon', as you typed it, as slang for drugs, hallucinogens - it even makes sense, if you think about it, as those pills make you have... happy days.

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