Cookie Monster's Birthday 2025 is on Sunday, May 25, 2025: Who's birthday is on the 2nd of November? mine is :D?

Sunday, May 25, 2025 is Cookie Monster's Birthday 2025. Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster

Who’s birthday is on the 2nd of November? mine is :D?

My birthday is in August, but I happen to know that the Cookie Monster's birthday is November 2nd! I am completely serious. I read it on a calendar at my doctor's office and thought it was hilarious and wonderful.

Happy birthday coming up!!! You should definitely eat a cookie!!!

I need an idea for a cute cookie monster inspired outfit to wear for my sons 1st birthday?

I need an idea for a cute cookie monster inspired outfit to wear for my sons 1st birthday?

I dressed my my little cousin once as cookie monster for Halloween: all the best (:


Determine what type of body to make based on time constraints and sewing skills. If you can't sew at all, go the easy route and just wear a blue sweat suit or floor length fuzzy robe. If you can sew, whip up a pair of fuzzy blue body coveralls with a zipper or Velcro down a front opening to make it easy to get on and off. Either will make a great Cookie Monster costume.


Make Cookie Monster's eyes using big white stiff foam or hollow plastic balls. Cookie Monster's eyes are the most difficult part of this costume and will take the most time.


Gauge the size of the irises (black centers) in Cookie Monster's eyes by the size of the white balls you use and the size of your costume.


Look at a picture of Cookie Monster to guide you in making the eyes. Use black buttons or circles cut from black construction paper to make the centers of Cookie Monster's eyes. Once you determine the proper size, just hot glue the buttons or circles to the center of the white balls.


Glue the balls to the top of the hood so they rest on top of our head when the hood is up. If you chose to wear a robe or body suit, just attach the hood to the collar of your costume with a few stitches or seam tape.


Slip on some fuzzy blue house shoes or socks if you have them. If not, your tennis shoes will do fine. After all everyone will be looking at those great Cookie Monster eyes and will never notice your feet.


Paint your face blue and carry a cookie jar to add the finishing touches to your costume.

Any ideas to create cookie monster goodie bags?

Any ideas to create cookie monster goodie bags?

You can get some blue gift bags and draw half-eaten cookies on them, or if you are particularly artistic try drawing Cookie Monster's head on the bad.

You can also put some indivdually wrapped cookies in there, or create cookie mixes for them to make at home with their parents (minus the eggs. butter and any other liquids of course)

Sesame Street Stickers.are always a big hit.

You can also download some Sesame Street songs and make CDs for all the children (there is a C is For Cookie CD that was released a few years ago).

I know there are Cookie Monster cake pans on the market,-- cake decorations as well.

I hope this helps

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