Indianapolis 500 Day 2024 is on Saturday, May 25, 2024: indianapolis 500

Saturday, May 25, 2024 is Indianapolis 500 Day 2024. New York! « Magical Moments Around the World It's the last day of February.

indianapolis 500????????

Go to the Indianapolis Speedway website:

I've been to qualifying and the race several times, but never bought tickets or actually sat in the stands. However, I'm told Turn Four is a good place to sit, if you can get tickets. The best tickets go to subscribers who have bought them for several years, but you can pick up tickets from the scalpers outside the track.

To get autographs, you will need access to the infield and you will have to be at the track on the Saturday before the race. Unless you intend to camp (don't camp opposite the track or you won't sleep the night before the race), be advised that the hotels in Indianapolis really increase their prices and I believe there is a minimum three-night reservation required. If you don't mind driving an hour or 90 minutes to the track, you will find much cheaper accommodation.

How many spectators are expected for the Indianapolis 500 Pole Day?

How many spectators are expected for the Indianapolis 500 Pole Day?

Pole day attendance was WAY down this year. I was sad because I'm a HUGE Indy 500 fan...heck, I only live a little over 2 miles from the track...and have been going out there for pole day ever since I can remember.

But seriously, it was bad. And the worst part is- it was the most exciting pole day I've ever seen. Sure there were a couple very anti-climactic hours in the middle...but the end made it all worth it.

As for that guy who said Indy is dead....why doesn't he tell that to the other 250,000 who still show up for the race...then maybe I can park closer than a mile away to get in the track on raceday. His panties are just in a bunch because there's no snake pit anymore....but they weren't racefans anyways- they were just idiots.

Close finishes are awesome....last year's finish was one of my favorites ever. But Indy isn't just about's about the speed. The days the attendance started dropping were the days of the CART/IRL split and when we stopped hearing Tom Carnegie say "It's a newwww track recorrrrrrd." over the PA system.

It was was Indy. It emodied everything that was good in autoracing. I really hope there is another day when I don't have to say those things in past tense.

indianapolis 500 parking?

indianapolis 500 parking?

A shuttle is the way to go. Traffic is pretty bad.

On Sale Now!

Indianapolis 500 – Sunday, May 27

Start of Race: 1:00 p.m.

Boarding Begins: 9:00 a.m.

US Grand Prix – Sunday, June 17

Start of Race: TBD

Boarding Begins: 4 hours before official start of race

Allstate 400 at the Brickyard – Sunday, July 29

Start of Race: TBD

Boarding Begins: TBD

Boarding Locations to the IMS


RCA Dome (100 S. Capital by the Box Office)

Illinois and Market Streets (corner near Monument Circle)

IUPUI lot 73 (off Michigan and Blackford Streets)


Main Terminal (Lower Terminal Drive)

International Arrivals Parking (Banner Ave. & Pierson Dr.)

Boarding After the Race:

11th and Main Street (southwest of the IMS)


Advance Tickets:

$15 (round trip; children 2 and under ride for free)

Tickets may be purchased the day of the race at each boarding location or in advance by calling 317.635.3344, online at or in person at the IndyGo Customer Service Center located in the Indianapolis City Market at 222 East Market Street.


Park n’ Ride shuttle tickets DO NOT include parking fees. Fees may vary by location from $5 - $20.

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