Deaf Dog Awareness Week on September, 2024: To people who say the "homosexual lifestyle" is being taught in schools?

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To people who say the "homosexual lifestyle" is being taught in schools?

I'm responding because of AdoreHim's answer.

My neighbor is a teacher in early education at our local school, and each year for the kindergarteners, they have a "disability awareness week". Each day for the week they have a different person come in and talk with the kids...such as a Deaf person who communicates with sign language (and with an interpreter), a blind person with a seeing-eye friend who has a muscular disease, is in a wheelchair and has an assistance dog volunteered to participate in some of these as well.

In all honesty, many parents don't teach their kids about people with such differences or how to treat them, and from my experiences out with my disabled friend, many parents don't even have any manners when they meet a disabled person.

As is normal in our society, people tend to fear what they don't know about or understand...with kids as they grow, that can turn into bullying other kids who may have a parent or family member that is "different". And most certainly kids pick on and bully other kids that are different in just about any way.

As just one example, I was out at a faire one day with my friend, in her wheelchair with her service dog, and just as many adults stopped us as kids, treating my friend as if she was the freakiest thing they'd ever seen. (I gotta tell ya, she is one patient gal 'cause I was ready to pop a few people in the face.) Also, several kids would come running right up and pet the service dog without asking (and then their parents would too - despite the large "Please don't pet me, I'm working" patch on the dog's vest.) Now, my friend is pretty cool about answering questions about her disability and letting a few people pet her service dog if she is approached respectfully and asked - but at the faire this day, kids and parents alike were being simply rude about this, and it was beginning to cause problems - the service dog was holding his composure but people kept insisting on trying to distract him, which could end up being dangerous or harmful to my disabled friend whom the dog is supposed to be paying attention to.

At one point, a couple of kids were yanking at the service dog's tail, which rather upset both of us because the parents didn't say a we told them to stop but then nicely explained that he was a service dog and couldn't play right now, but that they shouldn't pull any dog's tail because any dog might bite them if they're hurting it, a dog is still a dog, even a well trained one - and their parents yelled at us and told us we were being rude!!! We ended up getting disgusted with people and leaving the faire - not getting to half of the booths or seeing the demonstrations we wanted to. We paid our admittance fee just like everyone else to enjoy the day, and couldn't - because so many people are just plain ignorant.

This is why some schools teach kids about people with disabilities...and that just because these people are different, doesn't mean they should be feared or ridiculed, or treated like less of a person...and in this case they bring awareness to the kids about saftey issues and such that if these kids are out and maybe see such a person, they will know things like - don't go running up to someone's service dog and pet it without asking first, because you could be putting the disabled person in harm's way by distracting their service dog. (And hopefully these kids can teach their parents a thing or two.)

Would you think in this scenario that the school is promoting a "disabled lifestyle"?

No - they're teaching the kids what many of their dang parents aren't - that there are many different types of people in the world, they're bringing about awareness and understanding of such differences, and teaching the kids that these are people too and deserve to be treated as you would any other "ordinary" person.

The same applies with the "Two Mommies" book - it doesn't teach about gay sex for goodness sake, and it isn't saying everyone should *be* gay, it's just a story to help kids understand that some families are different.

So maybe a classmate has two Mommies, or a Deaf parent, or a disabled parent - that isn't a reason for the other kids to pick on and bully this classmate.

Need help trying to potty train puppy?

Need help trying to potty train puppy?

You have to be consistent in order to train your puppy. Four times a day probably isn't enough for a puppy with a small bladder.

Kennel train him because it is impossible to be with your puppy 24/7 so while you are at work/school/sleeping/unable to fully watch your puppy keep him in his kennel. Since it is where they sleep, they are not likely to soil that area. Though, he may have a few accidents.

Watch for signs that he needs go potty like sniffing, walking away from you (hiding), starting to lift leg or squat and any other suspicious behaviors. At this time take your pup outside to the appropriate place to do his business. If he doesn't go, bring him back in and keep your awareness up. If he does go, then praise him with affection and or small treats. I personally think the affection is better because too many treats are not good for animals.

If he has an accident in the house, don't scold him. Believe it or not, they won't remember doing it unless you catch them in the act. They have very short attention spans. Once you notice the accident, take the pup outside to the appropriate spot. And try to be more observant next time.

Depending on your dog and how consistent you are, he could be fully trained in 2-4 weeks. It is a lot of work to get them trained, but once you do you will really appreciate all of the hard work.

Some other tips:

Take your puppy out A LOT. Like every hour when you are home, and for the first week or so during training take him out every 2 hours during the night. I know it sounds like a lot, but it totally works and is necessary to fully train him. Once he gets the idea, and has fewer accidents then you can slowly increase the times in between taking him out, especially during the night. Keep in mind, if you are gone 8+ hours during the day expect him to have an occasional accident because his bladder cannot hold much until he gets older.

Don't let your puppy have access or have limited access to water about 1.5 hours before bedtime, or being in the kennel for extended periods of time. This way he will not fill up his bladder and cause unnecessary accidents.

High school student-run club ideas?

High school student-run club ideas?

Hey, thanks for answering my question!

My, it seems like you are quite the leader! I envy you!

How about just an animal club? I can't think of a name right off the top of my head but the club could meet at local animal shelters and work hands-on with the animals. During school days, the club could start fund raisers in which most of the proceeds would go the animal shelter(s). For example, my school does a "Cinnamon Bun Tuesday" every 2 weeks. Students would buy a cinnamon bun for $2 and the money went to the school clubs. If you were to do this, I'd suggest a desert that was in a shape of a dog bone! How cute would that be?? Everyone would buy that and you'll raise more money for the Animal Club.

I really hope I helped. Keep up the incredible leadership.

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