National Keep Kids Creative Week on September, 2024: Kids bday party in november?

National Keep Kids Creative Week 2024. Keep Kids Creative Week During National Keep Kids

Kids bday party in november?

All the National parks are available and there must be pavilions located in parks somewhere you live.

Keeping everyone fed & entertained is the key to having a successful party and you can do it cheaply.

Great ideas such as party games can be a blast once everyone is involved and having fun. Many of the party games are incredibly funny and everyone will be laughing hard ~

Check these sites out. I've used all of these for many, many parties :

They are really cool and offer lots of fantastic ideas, party themes, party planner & checklist ~

You can also make your party more memorable and fun by having everyone create their own hand painted & glitter t-shirts ! Try to get everyone's correct size and get plain white ones. It's best to do outdoors. Each of your guests will have a unique and creative lasting memory to keep from your special day for quite sometime ! Just Google all the supplies you'll need and have a blast !

My daughter's best friend went to visit her a few weeks ago and brought her t-shirt's that she created when they were 5, 8 and 16 years old.

They both are 28 today ~ what a wonderful moment they had to rekindle all those wonderful memories from their past.

Ideas For Get Well Present for a 9 year old boy?

Ideas For Get Well Present for a 9 year old boy?

Books- maybe one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books- I loved those at that age.

Maybe a sketchpad with some tips, and some colored pencils?


Etch a Sketch

Ball and Jacks

Hot Wheels/Tonka/Matchbox Cars- perhaps one of those new RC Hotwheels cars?

Magazines- Boys Life, National Geographic Kids, Highlights, Ranger Rick

Mega/Lego Blocks

I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with some television, game or computer time during his week of recovery. You can borrow DVDs from the library, if you do not want to buy new movies. Websites such as, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc. have pages and games for children (as well as printable activities). You could also check out zoo websites- most have activities for children and a lot also have live webcams on the animals. Google Earth is a cool free download.

Board games- Gassy Gus, Clue, Scrabble, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, etc. are faves in our house.

I hope he recovers quickly! I have tried to think of things that would keep my 10 year old son entertained.

anyone homeschooling a kindergartner?

anyone homeschooling a kindergartner?

I have two children that were homeschooled for Kindergarten (and are still homeschooled now, in 7th and 5th grades) and two more that are not yet Kindergarteners.

First, at that age they learn best through play. Have some structured activities but also a lot of free play, and be creative- instead of sitting at a desk/table writing the alphabet with a pencil and notepad, he can do it on the sidewalk/driveway with chalk. Instead of doing math worksheets, he can count, add, subtract M&M's or another favorite candy. It is unnatural and unnreasonable to expect a young child to sit still and cooperate for several hours, and sets them up for a meltdown.

One of my favorite resources is Story S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-R-S. I bought it from Amazon, and there are several versions available for different age/grade levels. The book gives you ideas for incorporating math, science, arts and crafts, music, physical activities/games and even snacks into favorite story books.

I also liked Ready For Kindergarten, which has suggestions for short activities (15-30 minutes) a few times a week that keep children engaged- baking cookies (you can incorporate math and science) in alphabet shapes and then using the cookies to spell your name, for instance. I also got that from Amazon.

Television, in moderation and with the programming carefully selected, is a great resoruce as well. How It's Made is something my children LIKE and it often leads to in depth discussions that cover various topics. Most stations have websites with activities for children, too, and information for parents. Check out the Disney and Nick Jr. websites, along with, etc. and are two more websites I recommend.

Magazines are exciting, especially when you subscribe and they come in the child's name. Try Highlights, Your Big Backyard, Ranger Rick, National Geographic Kids, Pack-O-Fun.

For educational activities AND socialization, get involved in community programs. Your local library and/or book store probably has a weekly story time, Home Depot and Lowes often have weekly activities for children (build a birdhouse, for instance, and they learn to plan, measure, cut, what the various tools are, etc.), arts and crafts suppliers such as A.C. Moore and Michael's often have similar activities. Also look into programs through your local park, and you can enroll him in karate, Boy Scouts, 4-H club, baseball, etc. My children have no lack of social activities, even though they have never been to school- as I always say, school is not the only- and is certainly not the best- place to socialize.

Look for a local homeschool group- ours gets together for field trips, spelling bees, science fairs, co-op classes, field day, holiday celebrations, father/daughter dances, ice cream social, etc.

World Book Encyclopedia has a website- look under the parent tab for Typical Course of Study and there is an outline for topics generally covered in each grade level. What Your Kindergartener Needs To Know is another resource that you mgiht benefit from.

I also do not understand the overbooked/shredded the records situation, but that is besides the point. If you are homeschooling, do the best you can. It is often a learning experience for both parent and child, especially when you are suddenly homeschooling. Often the idea of what school is SUPPOSED to be, based on the public school model and what homeschooling SHOULD be, based on the individual needs of our children, are two very different things:)

I hope this helps, and wish you and yoru son the best.

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