Drinking Water Week on May, 2024: Will just drinking water for a week make you loose weight?

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Will just drinking water for a week make you loose weight?

yes, just drinking water will make you lose weight but not just in a week. she will have to watch what she eats too, and if she cuts out too much sugar she might get dizzy/lightheaded. I started eating and drinking healthier things this week and it happened to me. She might need a little bit of orange juice in the morning to start and then drink water for lunch and dinner.

drinking water.......................?

drinking water.......................?


Your ment to drink at least 2 litres of water a day if your not doing any exercise.. More than 2 litres if you are!

I never really drunk that much water. But started doing for my skin. So i drunk about 2 litres of water everyday and after two weeks i could see and feel the difference. My skin was less blotchy and i had less spots. I also felt full of energy and had a buzz in the morning when i got up!

The only down side is that for the first couple of days drinking 2 litres of water everyday, you need to go to the toilet alot! haha!

Good luck!

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Going to Brazil for 2 weeks, can i drink the water?

Going to Brazil for 2 weeks, can i drink the water?

Yes, piped water in the state of São Paulo is safe to drink... in fact, SABESP meets international standards regarding water safety.

However, sometimes I find that there is too much chlorine in the water, so I have it filtered before I drink it, so as to eliminate the taste and smell of chlorine, which I do not like. And, of course, it is chlorine that makes the water safe for you to drink.

Also, water in the swimming pool will be ok., except, again, there may be too much chlorine in the water, if the owner doesn't follow the appropriate procedures for water treatment.

[As an additional note, piped water is safe, but it also depends on the property owner to make sure that their internal plumbing is clean. The water utility just guarantees water potability until the connection to your property. Property owners are supposed to clean their water tank reservoirs at least once every two years by washing them thoroughly].

Your concern should instead be directed towards food and produce. Make sure your produce (mainly those that you eat raw, like lettuce, tomatoes, etc) are well washed in chlorinated water. Some of the produce is grown in other states, where growers might use non-potable and possibly contaminated water to irrigate the produce. My mother (who lives in São Paulo) always washes all produce (fruits and vegetables) thoroughly, by immersing them in chlorinated or vinegared water (you can buy chlorine in either tablet format or as a liquid at any grocery store for that purpose) for a while, then rinsing them thoroughly. Government agencies run campaigns on TV and radio advising people to always wash their produce that way. (Watch this: ) When eating out, make sure that you go to a restaurant that "looks" clean. Anyway, washing your produce should be a practice you should follow even here in the US, even for produce that has been labelled as "triple-washed".

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