Choose Privacy Week on May, 2025: For those who have facebook.

Choose Privacy Week 2025. New video available to librarians ... during Choose Privacy Week

For those who have facebook...

With the recent update that rolled out about 2 weeks ago, the option to have your friend's list to be only viewed by you came back. So, if you can't see your friend's friend's list, this means they have chosen that option.

is privacy a right or a privilege?

is privacy a right or a privilege?

you have a right of privacy against government intrusions of your privacy. when it comes to your family though, especially parental figures, you have no legal right to privacy.

the question here is what kind of relationship does yoru grandma want to have with you. sure she can argue that she can do thorough your things if she wants to, and she definitley can, but she needs to understand what effect that has on your relationship. if she understand that you value your privacy and she still violates it, what does that say about her feelings for you. maybe she thinks its justified by trying to insure your safety, and she is making a value judgement that your safety is more important than respecting yoru wishes. but if you have a different value judgement, she needs to understand that. if she chooses to ignore that, then in my books she doesnt value your relationship with her that much and in the end the relationship will reflect it.

I want to have a good relationship with my child as he grows up, so i will value his privacy as long as i dont thnkg there is a serious chance of harm. if i have a good suspicion he is doing drugs then maybe i would search his room. but if I just want to know wht he thinks about some girl, im not gonna dig through his cell phone or emails.

i think the fact that she screamed you in reaction to your note is pretty low class. if she disagreed with you, she should have talked to you abotu it in a rational way. instead she screamed at you like she is dominate over you and you dont deserve the respect to be talked to like an adult. what does that say about how she views you.

i think your perspective is rationale.

Is my employer violating my privacy?

Is my employer violating my privacy?

No they are not violating your privacy, if you 'friend' them.

They can decide that 'friending' them is a condition and employment and fire or discipline you if you do not.

You can be fired or otherwise disciplined for what you post.

You can choose not to continue to work for a company if you disagree with their employment policies.

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