Drive Safely Work Week on October, 2023: how to drive safely in fog?

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how to drive safely in fog?

Focus fully on driving. In the fog, don't even use the radio and don't talk to passengers, focus only on driving.

Drive at the speed suitable to the conditions. The speed should allow you to stop well within the distance you see to be clear. Say, if you can see 80 feet, your speed should allow you to stop in 50 feet. If you cannot reach a reasonable speed (Due to heavy fog), pull into a safe place and wait for the fog to clear out in part (Which doesn't take too long).

Maintain a big gap from the car ahead. Many people bunch up in fog, because it makes it easier for them to follow the road by following the car in front. This is unsafe. Instead, keep a big gap and follow the line of the shoulder of the road.

Alert your surrounding. Light up your front and rear fog lights (don't forget to turn them off when out of the fog), flash your high beams briefly if required, apply you hazard signals if you believe that the cars behind you can benefit from it. Sound your horn briefly whenever you feel it is necessary, so drivers can hear you.

Keep the driver's window partially open so that you hear the environment around you. It also helps to demist the windshield and to get another sense of your speed through the gust of air (which is also very refreshing).

Has anyone done the i drive safely online drivers ed course?

Has anyone done the i drive safely online drivers ed course?

Personally I used I just finished this course 2 weeks ago and was sent my certificate of completion in less than 5 days. It is a pink slip that you just take to the DMV office when you're ready to take your permit test. It is extremely easy and teaches you everything you need to know. After each chapter you take a 3 question quiz just to make sure you understood the chapter. For every chapter I always got all 3 questions right, and then at the end of it all there is a 40 question Final Exam. I got 40/40 because it is really easy and the course teaches you all of it, and they are all questions that you will see on your written exam test when you go to get your permit. And the best thing about this website is the price, right now it's only $17.50, which is pretty much the cheapest you're going to find. And you can use this coupon code when you register:


That code will take an additional $3 off the price, so it will only be about $15.

This is definitely the best course to take online, low price, easy, and teaches you a lot! :)

Driving question: how long till I can drive on main roads?

Driving question: how long till I can drive on main roads?

Anytime from a few minutes to hours or weeks. I'm pretty sure the plan is for you to get the idea of handling the car before you get around traffic. Learning to use the pedals and steering with some finesse.

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