Freedom From Bullies Week on October, 2024: Highschool bullies in college?

Freedom From Bullies Week 2024. Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week Freedom From Bullies Week

Highschool bullies in college?

High school is so much more different to college! More freedom and less susceptibility to bullying by classmates.

If you want your self esteem back, then quit worrying about what these low-lifes think about you. When you quit caring, you start regaining your confidence and all will be well.

Bullies can tell whether you are worried or not, best not to care about these people and ignore them.

If they say something mean - just downplay it because it came from a low-life and you don't care about low lifes!

Your self worth will rise exponentially.

Are Tories natural bullies?

Are Tories natural bullies?

Of course Tories are bullies. Their most basic underlying principles - the freedom of the individual; let the strong prosper and the weak perish (the essence of market capitalism) demonstrate this.

When Thatcher made the claim that 'there is no such thing as society - just a collection of individuals' - that told you everything you need to know about Tory philosophy. Look out for yourself and screw everybody else.

why do people bully online?

why do people bully online?

Sadly blocking doesn't help, because they can just create another account and continue to stalk you and post rude comments. What can be helpful is making your activity private, although this comes with a price and you lose a lot of 'freedom' because most of the times it is the 'good' guys who want to see your Q&A , and not the bad guys , so making it private will prevent even the good guys from seeing your q&a who are not in your contacts/fans. But anyway, if this is of concern to you and you're affected by the bullying then you might as well make your activity private. btw, in my opinion there is nothing to worry about...because you don't have your address or phone number etc. posted. , also as you say this person comes by every few weeks...that's not that frequent..

I have been bullied and harassed too (over several accounts) and even have had defamatory questions asked about me , but i've never made my activity private anywhere. I don't give attention to such trolls. i just do my own thing. i did use to talk back sometimes earlier, but now i just choose to ignore (i also recently got mail from the same guy harassing me , he wants to meet up and know where i am. i did not block him and stuff, but i did not reply as well, i have no purpose to meet him so he has no business knowing where i live . also him trying to disrupt by q&a is not that frequent as well, and i have no problem with that)

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