International Magic Week on October, 2024: How to get cheap airline tickets (international)?

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How to get cheap airline tickets (international)?

There is no secret, magic website with the "cheapest" airfares. You have to do the research, and be as flexible as possible regarding travel dates.

Check the travel sites (airgorilla, expedia, priceline, travelocity, etc.) and also check the airline websites. I have often (not always, but often) found the best fares on the airline websites. Remember to check airlines like JetBlue and Southwest that do not use the travel sites.

Check with a real travel agent to ask about promotional fares and special deals.

If you also need a hotel or rental car, check the cost of combining the purchases in a package. For example, I found a deal with airfare + hotel in Hawaii for a week that was only $100 more than just the airfare.

When traveling to far destinations check the prices when you split the ticket. For example, searching "Chicago to Nairobi" (all on one ticket) MAY cost much more than searching "Chicago to London" and then "London to Nairobi". If that turns out to be the case, talk to a real travel agent about getting the better fare all on one ticket.

Good luck!

Free International calls to Trinidad?

Free International calls to Trinidad?

Free calls to anywhere international is going to be nearly impossible to find. International calls are very expensive for companies to provide, that's why they tend to charge so much more for them than plain old long distance calls. Your best bet is to try getting a phone that has an inexpensive unlimited data plan. Then make sure you have a phone that has good instant messaging features. If your husband has internet access there than you two can im to your hearts content. That's how I do it with my brother who is in Korea. If hubby can't get internet access, then you are going to have to bite the bullet and find as low a cost as you can in international calling. But don't get your hopes up for the free stuff. I don't think it exists. Good luck.

International drive or Walt Disney resort ?????????

International drive or Walt Disney resort ?????????

If you definitely want to stay in a hotel then choose one on the Disney lot. You can take advantage of their transportation and you are "in the magic".

If you stay on I Drive you will need a car. Hotels advertise shuttles but only at limited times - with 2 little ones you you will need to be more flexible.

I agree with the previous answers, your children are a bit little to spend more than a few days at a theme park as a lot of the rides are to intense or frightening for small children and there are also height restrictions.

Personally I think you would be better off renting a villa in the Kissimmee area - then you get the flexibility to have a few days off from theme parks and you aren't trying to feed the children from restaurants for 2 weeks.

You might also want to consider having a week at Disney and then a week at the seaside - the gulf coast has some of the best beaches in the world - my kids love it there.

With a villa you get your own pool which can be heated so the baby can swim. I always book one that has a buggy (stroller) so we only need to take one with us. As well as a cot and highchair you will find they have loads of toys to keep the kids amused and even themed Disney rooms.

It usually costs in to book your flight, fully inclusive car and then the villa separately.

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