Duct Tape Days on June, 2024: Who invented duct tape?

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Who invented duct tape?

Duct tape was invented by the Permacel Division of Johnson & Johnson Company, but it is not clear just which person had the idea for the material that has often been called the 5th force that holds the universe together.

According to Wikipedia:

"It was originally developed during World War II in 1942 as a waterproof sealing tape for ammunition cases.[1][2] Permacel, then a division of Johnson & Johnson, used a rubber-based adhesive to help the tape resist water and a fabric backing to facilitate ripping."

According to Wikipedia:

"Permacel is a former division of Johnson & Johnson which invented the original duct tape. It was founded in 1927 to produce masking tape. In 1988, Permacel was bought by Nitto Denko. Today, Permacel's focus has moved towards high-quality industrial tapes."

According to this Google blog:

"Everyone does seem to agree that the sticky stuff was developed by Johnson & Johnson for military use in World War II. But then the trail gets muddy."

According to:

"Adhesive tape (specifically masking tape) was invented in the 1920's by Richard Drew of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, Co. (3M). Duct tape (the WWII military version) was first created and manufactured in 1942 (approximate date) by the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division. Its closest predecessor was medical tape.

The original use was to keep moisture out of the ammunition cases. Because it was waterproof, people referred to the tape as "Duck Tape." Also, the tape was made using cotton duck - similar to what was used in their cloth medical tapes. Military personnel quickly discovered that the tape was very versatile and used it to fix their guns, jeeps, aircraft, etc. After the war, the tape was used in the booming housing industry to connect heating and air conditioning duct work together. "

According to Wikipedia:

On the Apollo 13 disaster: ""Ed Smylie, one of the NASA mission control engineers who designed the scrubber modification in just two days, said later that he knew the problem was solvable when it was confirmed that duct tape was on the spacecraft: "I felt like we were home free" he said in 2005. "One thing a Southern boy will never say is 'I don't think duct tape will fix it'.""duct tape is like the Force – it has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the Universe together" has been attributed to science fiction fan Carl Zwanzig. Red Green of The Red Green Show refers to duct tape as "the handyman's secret weapon" and says that, "If you have duct tape and you need money, you're better off than if you have money and need duct tape". The fictional television character MacGyver and the various members of the A-Team were also famous for inventive use of duct tape. Duct tape is often referred to as "a musician's best friend" because many musicians, particularly in rock or similar genres, use duct tape to do any number of things, like padding drum heads, securing instrument straps, keeping cords and cables organized, securing microphones to mic stands or taping set lists to stage floors."

"Duct tape is found in many people's tool kits. Its versatility and holding power are evidenced by its humorous nickname in engineering circles: "the ultimate material." Another frequent joke (referenced below) is that a handyman needs only two tools: duct tape for "sticking" and the lubricant WD-40 for "unsticking"."

In Scandinavian it is called Jesus Tape

In Australia it is called Power Tape, because to them Duct Tape is a silver tape without the cloth backing.

In the US Military "Duct tape is also called 100mph Tape in the military, citing the urban legend that duct tape will maintain its adhesion when subjected to winds traveling at up to 100 miles per hour."

"A medical study announced on major news networks on October 15, 2002, stated that application of duct tape can be used as an effective treatment for warts.[4]. This treatment is often called by the name duct tape occlusion therapy."

"Duck Products annually sponsors a competition that offers a college scholarship to the person who creates the most stylish prom formalwear made from duct tape."

Duct Tape Spirit Day, Any Ideas?

Duct Tape Spirit Day, Any Ideas?

You could make a duct tape "dress form" of your body (or anyone's body)**, or just use the front half or the back half of the completed form, or do only part of a body.

(Then you could do various girly or embellishment things to it, etc, for this purpose.)


...making one without a helper person:



Where can I buy colored neon duct tape? Spirit day!?

Where can I buy colored neon duct tape? Spirit day!?

There's a huge selection of different colored duct tape at Michaels. Have fun!!

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