National Hermit Week on June, 2024: How to U.S. National Parks feel about Hermits?

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How to U.S. National Parks feel about Hermits?

The NPS won't be happy about a hermit building a cabin in their Park and if they discover it then they'll probably tear it down and give you a bunch of fines that you can't pay anyway and then shelter you at taxpayer expense for a couple of months

Big Bend NP [like Organ Pipe NM] is in unique situation because it abuts the Mexican Border so not only is there NPS presence in the Park But it's also well covered by the Border Patrol and the INS

As where to go;If you can forgo the cabin idea

and opt for a tent or a small Airstream type trailer you can almost do it legally by using National Forests instead.I mean you might have to move once a week to keep it legal But it would work

As far as where hermits go? the High desert of CA has always been a favorite spot as has some of the big empty spaces of the Great Basin

Basically anything from I-15 and west to the Sierra's you could just disappear in

Just make sure to look at a map so that you're not living in a US military bombing range....OOPS!

Good luck

Does anyone know any funny/random ’national...days’?

Does anyone know any funny/random 'national...days'?

January 16th is National Nothing Day.

Z-Day--January 1

Everyone with a "Z" name gets to be first in line

Festival Of Sleep--January 3

National Read a Road Map Week--April 4-10

Play God Day--January 9

Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes It Day--January 2

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day--March 26

Ugly Truck Contest--July 20

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day--July 27

Wiggle Your Toes Day--August 6

Ask a Stupid Question Day--September 28

Be Bald and Free Day--October 14

Punk For a Day Day--October 25

Start Your Own Country Day--November 22

Make Your Own Head Day--November 28

Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute--December 30

Opposite Day--January 25

Rubber Eraser Day--April 5

Look A Like Day--April 20

Lumpy Rug Day--May 3

My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Day--May 30

Name Your Poison Day--June 8

"Happy Birthday to You"'s Birthday

Come and Take it Day--October 6

It's My Party Day--October 11

Mule Day--October 26

Hermit Day--October 29

Absurdity Day--November 20

False Confessions Day--November 21

theres more in this site where i got it from:



Where would be the best place for a Hermit to go and live?

Where would be the best place for a Hermit to go and live?

I'm on my way out there too, so I've give you some hints. Alaska is the only place you can still "homestead" which is to pick a piece of land and live there without paying for it and in a few years you'll be able to claim that land as your own. Some people have tried this and some have made a go of it for a while. But Alaskan weather isn't all the same. The farther you get from the arctic the less snow and shorter winter you'll have to deal with, but it's all livable. Shooting a single moose or caribou, trapping a few animals and selling their hides and buying essentials with that money such as grains and spices, will allow you to survive the winter once you've made a proper shelter. It would be quite an adventure.

Another option is life in the California/Arizona/New Mexico desert, perhaps mining. Only the summer is hot, but bearable if you have shelter and know where to find water, forage is better than you'd think with deer and rabbits perhaps, but you'd have to avoid national parks and probably have to purchase land in order to improve it, though camping on public land, way out there, would probably be easily accomplished unless someone complained about you.

Of course all your hunting, trapping, living in any of these places requires permits, licenses, and permission from government agencies or purchasing land to make improvements. A National Park would be the last place I'd choose.

My plan is to backpack up and down the Sierra from California to Washington during the three seasons and backpack the desert in the winter, resupplying like any other thru-hiker every couple weeks, but I have the advantage of a trust fund that would amply supply such a frugal life of wandering. Other people would have to earn a living in the woods, or scrape by on survival techniques, which I think would exclude me because I doubt my ability in that area, consistently failing at my efforts at hunting deer.

I've heard of people who work in the National Parks to fund their outdoor/climbing/hiking interest, moving from Yosemite in the summer to Joshua Tree in the winter, but that's much more social, living in the park cabins and dealing with the public perhaps.

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