Dyslexia Awareness Month on October, 2024: do you think there should be more awareness for dyslexia?

October, 2024 is Dyslexia Awareness Month 2024. Dyslexia Awareness Month Events – 2013 : International Dyslexia ... Dyslexia Awareness Month

do you think there should be more awareness for dyslexia?


Thankfully the message about dyslexia is starting appear more often, and celebrities etc are more willing to admit they have dyslexia, school teachers need to be aware of the signs of dyslexia, and how to support the student within the classroom.

I struggled through school and eventually left high school at 15, with out gaining qualifications (I failed high school). I could write, but could not read, I learnt to read at the grand old age of 14.

I was diagnosed as being dyslexic the same time as my daughter, she was 9, I was 30. At the time of my daughters diagnosis, very little supports were around for the dyslexic student, and some people still felt it was a "make believe disorder" or that the person was just "lazy", thankfully this is changing.

After learning we were dyslexic, I had to find and develop some strategies to support my daughter, while at school, I later used these strategies to return to school myself, and I am now a Youth & Disability support worker, and sessional teacher, with a special interest in learning disorders, especially dyslexia.


I forgot to mention that I now use the same strategies to support my students in the classroom, and I am often contacted by other teachers for support and information on dyslexia.

who thinks Dyslexia is a gift?

who thinks Dyslexia is a gift?

My mom is in a program called "Rolling Readers" (forgot the name) and it happens once a month (she volunteers). One of the kids she works with is a first grader who has dyslexia. The main person of the program told her to watch out, for he can be somewhat hyper.

My mom worked with him and said that he worked really hard and when he understood something, she loved the way he was excited about it. My mom thought he was very sweet.

Maybe your an extra nice and smart person but just need a boost to help you a little bit?

Do you think there should be more awareness for dyslexia?

Do you think there should be more awareness for dyslexia?

Yes, i think there should be. People that say dyslexia is not a disability are stupid. My 15 year old sister has severe dyslexia, dyspraxia and aspergers, she can't read, write, spell or recognise peoples emotions. She has severe anxiety and trust issues and thanks to todays school systems she is likely to never be independant. She is not lazy, she is not stupid (she has an IQ of 115) and she is not an attention seeker. There should be more help for kids with dyslexia as dyslexia can be lived with and with the right help kids can improve their reading, writing and spelling but not if all the teachers care about it ADD and ADHD. With a lot of fighting and court action my parents got my sister into a school for children with learning disabilities and because of this all of her friends has some kind of disability. Her best friend has severe ADD but frankly it doesn't affect her that much and aside from the ocasional outburst and tantrum she's normal, whereas my sister has to have someone to read and write for her everywhere she goes and can never be independant. If there was more awareness for dyslexia she would have gotten the help she needed a lot earlier and wouldn't have to be constantly branded as a retard. However I do think some people take the mickey a bit when they have minor dyslexia that really doesn't affect them, I have mild dyslexia and apart from being a bit of a slow reader Im not affected by it so I dont bother telling people, whereas I know people that have the slightest hint of dyslexia and make a HUGE deal out of it. So i think there should be more help for people with dyslexia and more awarness isnt a bad thing but with masses more awareness we may just end up with a bunch of lazy kids with only mild dyslexia.

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