Sausage Month on October, 2024: Feeding a 6 month old sausage rolls?

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Feeding a 6 month old sausage rolls?

While some babies can take solids at this age (my 7 month old son being one of them), sausage is an unhealthy choice and I would think the spices would cause quite a bit of stomach upset as well. However, our parents pretty much fed us whatever back in the day so I don't think it'll cause any serious long term damage.

My son started finger foods at 6 months with Cheerios. If they're making chewing motions and can pick up small things with their hands then they're ready for finger foods. Every baby develops at a different pace so it's important to watch their developmental cues to introduce new things right on time. My son just so happened to be an early bird.

Should a 9 month old eat, sausage?

Should a 9 month old eat, sausage?

Actually most of us shouldn't eat sausage with all the fat in it and heavy spices. It probably is very hard for a young child to digest it. Look up online what the proper diet would be for that age.

Properly cooked, it shouldn't give the child worms.

Sausage dogs?

Sausage dogs?

Haha, they must not know we in the UK call them sausage dogs. :)

Good choice! I'm 15, and a dachshund was my very own dog also. They are tough to train for beginners. It took me 3 weeks to train Alfie, which is a miricale. They are fantastic though,very loyal and clownish. You have to be very careful with their back as they are prone to slipped disks and other problems. They require lots of exercise, which is very good if you love the outdoors! But when they are not playing, they are happily sat on your knee - it's one or the other. :)

I don't have time to write anymore because he needs a quick walk, but please feel free to e-mail me for loads more personal info, I could blather on for ages about them! Don't listen to the half the people above, everyone can use other names for breeds, the term sausage dog unfamiliar in the US.

Oh and here is a great website for you :)

Very informative on the long backed fellows!

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