Emotional Wellness Month on October, 2024: Ashamed of myself I had a smoking relapse after 11 months?

October, 2024 is Emotional Wellness Month 2024. Caring Our Health How To Live In Wellness

Ashamed of myself.. I had a smoking relapse after 11 months?

Not to worry and realize you were not give the right information.

Smoke Out

has the natural herbal ingredient LOBELIA which also calms your body like nicotine but is non addictive. Smoke Out has been used traditionally by many to help feed and nourish the body with the nutrients that are depleted from smoking and to aid respiratory disorders. The Lobelia in this formula has been used historically to help calm the body, very similar to the effects of smoking, but without the side effects.

How you use it is as a dietary supplement take 8 drops instead of smoking or as directed by your health care professional. So what will happen is you will us this as your body's chemical dependency of nicotine is reduced and you will not longer want to smoke and not be addicted.

You have to also understand the psychological issues of why you smoke and why you feel it is necessary to light up a cancer causing cigarette. If you don't then you will use cigarettes as a psychological crutch and start smoking again.


This you can start right now and please watch this video as you will learn this and be able to share this for the rest of your life to treat anything.

Every negative emotion we have is because of negative energies which are held in our bodies in our energy centers or meridians and tapping is a form of emotional accupuncture which will balance those energies which later manifest into physical illness and emotional illnesses.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - With Gary Craig (English)

How to Do It

Say, "Even though I am trying to quit smoking, I deeply and completely love and accept myself"

Please do your diligence and make an important decision for your wellness and this is for information and not medical recommendation.

I quit my Cymbalta 3 months ago...is it normal to feel this way?

I quit my Cymbalta 3 months ago...is it normal to feel this way?

Seems to me your primary issue is still anxiety and depression. I'm not a fan of SSRI drugs, which includes Cymbalta. My own experience with them wasn't positive, and the idea that all our mood and emotional disorders can be addressed by raising our serotonin levels is pretty silly.

I think the question is, was your life better while taking the pills? If yes, you should consider going back on them. If no, seek alternative treatments, like therapy. If you can't afford counseling, you may find low/no cost help here:

Also, consider that our bodies were created/evolved to be out in the sun, and moving. Our modern sedentary lifestyle is potentially deadly. Try to get half an hour [or more] sunshine everyday to increase vitamin D; half an hour [or more] exercise everyday to release endorphins; 5htp to increase serotonin; St. John's Wort [900mg/day]; Sam-E for positive outlook; Fish oil caps for the positive effect of Omega 3 fats; less computer and couch time; more action and activities time; more social interaction face to face; happy, energetic music to get you up, out, and moving.

I know that won't be easy with kids and a job, but maybe you can incorporate them into your wellness practices to build a happier future for your whole family.

healthy emotional outlets anyone?

healthy emotional outlets anyone?

Try talking to a friend or loved one about those emotions. Getting your actual feelings out and analyzing them will eliminate your anxiety over them. If you want to do it anonymously, there are a bunch of different online forums where you can spill your guts and get feedback.

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