Family Golf Month on July, 2024: can i make a living playing golf?

July, 2024 is Family Golf Month 2024. Family Golf Month offers many ways for families to enjoy golf together Family Golf Month

can i make a living playing golf?

Can you make enough money to support a family from golf? Perhaps not as a PGA Tour player. But you have other options PGA Golf Instructor (only need to shoot around 80), Golf Course Management, design. Take a peek....

Golf Career College Programs

In as little as 16 months, you can turn your passion for golf into your dream golf career. College programs at the Golf Academy of America include classroom lessons, golf instruction, weekly tournaments, open play and a comprehensive driving range package for practice. You’ll graduate with a complete understanding of golf course management and operations.

Golf Complex Operations and Management

The Academy offers a two-academic-year associate degree program with an occupational objective of Golf Complex Operations and Management, with two areas of emphasis: Golf Professional and General Golf Management. Students may choose to have a dual emphasis or choose to specialize in one area only. Although an area of emphasis is chosen, students will have the opportunity to supplement the designated golf curriculum with elective courses each semester.

The Academy offers three semesters per calendar year with most students completing all requirements in 16 consecutive months. The schedule is comprised of classroom instruction, golf instruction, tournaments, open play, and practice. The curricula include open play and tournament rounds every week and a comprehensive driving range package for student practice.

Specifics About the Golf Academy of America Applied/Occupational Associate Degree Program

Major: Golf Complex Operations & Management

Areas of Emphasis: Golf Professional, General Management

Program Length: Two academic years (16 months)

HS Golf??? I need some help from pros.?

HS Golf??? I need some help from pros.?

no 4 months isnt. a year minimum. ask ur uncle for some of his old clubs to use or go on craigslist and buy some used ones or go to a used golf shop and buy some decent clubs. just because u get this stuff doesnt mean u will make it. a lot of golfers either have a god given talent or they stink so be ready to accept the latter.

Have you ever been to a family reunion or do you avoid them?

Have you ever been to a family reunion or do you avoid them?

I love my family reunions! I come from a large Irish family and every Christmas we rent a lovely Victorian clubhouse on a local golf green for the "McGeary Family Christmas". And in summer we have the "McGeary Family Picnic". More people attend the Christmas event as some are on vacation during the summer months. My grandparents raised 7 kids in a small 4 room house and as our families grew we'd have to visit at Christmas in shifts. Eventually we rented halls for the gathering, but have now been at the same pretty location for the last 5. Grandpa died in the 1970s and grandma passed 4 yrs ago, but we keep up the tradition. It's important to us. When I was a small girl the picnics were on the 4th of July. We'd be at the park by 10 am and wouldn't leave till after the fireworks. It was awesome. My grandparents had 7 children, 24 grandchildren, 17 and counting great grandchildren!

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