Independent Retailer Month on July, 2024: For all independent retailers, how's your holiday sales going?

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For all independent retailers, how’s your holiday sales going?

We are fashion wholesaler that serves small business, so maybe can give you a broader picture of Christmas season sales. The business is established with a 25 year history. The first 10 months of the year were off about 8%, but November saw a 34% drop with cautious retailers concerned about the steady diet of bad news from the media. December picked up when retailers with low inventories needed immediate stock because they received more business than they expected based on what the news said. If you are a small retailer in fashion, 30% is close to the average, but the best months are in the spring rather than at Christmas for many in the industry. We expect a gradual increase back to normal as we go through 2009.

XBOX LIVE USERS. How much is a 12 month Gold membership for Xbox LIVE?

XBOX LIVE USERS. How much is a 12 month Gold membership for Xbox LIVE?

The price varies considerably between retailers. You could get it for as little as £28.99 from an independent online retailer to as much as £39.99 from Microsoft. It will be a fab present for your brother, especially so since XBOX are introducing more content (BBC iPlayer, Bing search engine, youtube plus more) to Gold members from 6th Dec.

What are the steps in becoming an independent car dealer?

What are the steps in becoming an independent car dealer?

Cant really do that. The laws are pretty much against it.

Wouldn't pay anyone $249 a month either. I think they would get your money but not really help you buy & sell.

You can get a wholesalers license from home. But you CANT legally sell to the public, only to other dealers and at auctions.

That requires garage liability insurance, a bond & a license.

A retailers license requires a commercial car lot, the insurance, a land line phone in the dealership name and insurance & bond. And a pic of your sign.

Most states laws are designed to prevent people from doing what you want to do.

Id suggest just buying a car from a public auction or off craigslist, putting it in your name & reselling it. After 4-5 cars, you can decide if you want to do it for real or not.

Know this, getting in dealer auctions is NOT an easy way to buy cheap cars.

I know a dealer who regularly buys cars out of the newspapers & off craigslist and sells them at dealer auctions.

I once bought a truck out of the newspaper for $1350. Sold it off the side of the road for $2650.

A year and 20,000 more mikes, the same truck sells for $3200+ buyers fee at a dealer only auction.

So believe me when I say, buying at a dealer auction does NOT guarantee you easy profits.

I used to go to 4 auctions a week to buy maybe 5-7 cars a month.

I spent a LOT of time & looked at a LOT of cars finding & getting real bargains.

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