Family Reunion Month on July, 2024: Family reunion?

July, 2024 is Family Reunion Month 2024. family reunion month Make your family reunion

Family reunion?

10 Steps To A Great Family Reunion

I hope these steps will help you get started.

1. Send out a flyer about the event and ask for suggestion on place day(s) and time.

Since you are the family reunion planner I suggest you consider listing a number of locations that would be suitable for your household. Remember to include the ancestral family homestead on the list.

Choose the place and location by majority vote.

2. Hold a family reunion meeting inviting any who are able to volunteer time and footwork to help with the reunion event plans. At the meeting discuss family reunion activities. Allow each member to offer suggestion regarding activities and vote on what you will do. a family reunion planner ""activities lists should prove very helpful for this.

3. Now it is time to form your family reunion subcommittees. A family reunion planner "committees reunion evaluation sheet" is ideal for this phase of planning. Ask questions about the reunion theme, mission statement and look ideas for logos and at samples t-shirts. Compare vendor prices and make firm purchasing decisions.

4. Assign duties to each attending member. Such duties include:

Travel and accommodations, Welcome committee, setup, cleanup, food and dining, decorating, entertainment, T-shirts party favors keepsakes, materials, etc. Make sure department duties do not overlap. Family reunion planner "subcommittees assignment lists" works well for this task.

5. It is now time to get the word out. Use flyers, text messaging, invitations and email. Send out reminder each quarter and additional reminders as you get 8 -4 weeks closer to the event.

6. Your next task is to see to it that all department of instructions on what to do, how to do it and most important, when to do it. Your task as family reunion chairperson would be to follow up in a timely manner to see how tasks are coming along. A family reunion "department instruction sheet" works best for this phase.

7. A few months prior to the event start contacting all committee members for an update of assigned tasks. A family reunion planner organizer with a "timeline reminder checklist" is ideal at this point.

8. By now all task should be taken care of. Conference with each department head to ascertain needs in the form of materials and funds.

9, Hold a fund drive to raise needed money. Donations of family heirlooms or items for yard sales work well. Online funds drives are a lot of fun.

10. Fund all departments as needed. Hold final meetings to wrap things up. Start on your chairperson welcome letter and have a happy family reunion! For more details consider the links below.

____________FAMILY REUNION?______________?

____________FAMILY REUNION?______________?

tell your close family (mom dad sister, brother) before hand so them its not like a major drama starter. the rest of the family (cousins aunt uncles) will go along with the vibe the people closest to you give off about it. and as long as your grades haven't dropped since you had the baby it really shouldn't be that big of a deal, and might even prove that your responsible enough to balance both.

How often do you have family Reunions?

How often do you have family Reunions?

Family reunions can be as often as once every six months or once every two or three years. Many families celebrate once every year. Much has to do with how distant family members are, location, affordability, support of the event and closeness of relationships among relatives. The fact is there are no rules. Have it as often as you like or need to.

July is Family Reunion Month

November is Family Reunion Planning Month

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