National Chimney Safety Week on September, 2024: Where can I find firewood for our fireplace?

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Where can I find firewood for our fireplace?

I would avoid pine, it will muck up that nice newly cleaned chimney right quick. Hardwoods will burn cleaner and longer. I would suggest you check with the tree trimming companies in your area. Craigslist seems to have many people offering firewood in my area as well. You can check with your local park service. Here in VA you can get a permit to go take up to I think 2 cords of dead wood out of the national forest. If you want to pay exorbitant prices and do little to no work, I have seen shrink wrapped barely a nights worth firewood for sale at Lowes, Home Depot and even Kroger for I'm guessing around 4 to 7 dollars. I usually call up then number on CraigsList or on a truck parked with firewood and a number on it. Around here its about 70 for a Pickup truck with 3 foot bed extensions, or 300 for a dump truck load.

What would cause dizziness, difficulty concentratin,g learning, and tiredness.?

What would cause dizziness, difficulty concentratin,g learning, and tiredness.?

Any number of things could be causing your symptoms, even just poor sleep. How long has it been going on? No, it does not sound like carbon monoxide poisoning (CO).

CO needs to have a source. CO comes from fumes of incomplete combustion. This is commonly from old gas furnaces in the home, car exhaust, or other combustion fumes including smoke from fire. If you have an old wall furnace in your home it could be putting off CO whenever it's on (from incomplete combustion of the natural gas), but everyone in the home would probably be similarly affected. If this is the case the fire department should have a gas detector that can tell you if there's CO in your home, but don't call them if you don't have a reason to believe that there is CO. If you have fires in a fireplace make sure smoke is not backing up in the house. Consider having your chimney cleaned. If you're worried about CO from your car you can take it to a muffler shop to check for exhaust leaks. Just keep in mind to ask other people that might have been affected by the same source if they have been having symptoms. High-dose CO exposure quickly leads to complete unconsciousness, and eventually death. Symptoms of CO exposure gradually resolve after being removed from the source, and not be constant everywhere you go.

In any case, it's probably something else entirely causing your symptoms. The common recommendations for these kinds of symptoms are:

-Get plenty of sleep.

-Eat a healthy diet, including plenty of water.

-Keep caffeine intake low. A single cup of coffee a day has been found to be fine and possibly good, but more than that is bad. Tea is better.

-Keep alcohol intake low. A glass of wine a couple times a week is fine, but six beers every night is very bad.

-Don't use other drugs.

-Exercise, even just a little.

If you don't think your symptoms are a result of lifestyle, then you should go ask your doctor. They can order simple blood tests for things like anemia, diabetes, and thyroid problems. The symptoms could also be side effects of medications you're taking. I hope this all helps.

Be safe, and be well,

Jake, MICP

what are the most knows events that happened during victorian england?

what are the most knows events that happened during victorian england?

1837 Victoria becomes Queen at the age of 18

1838 Grace Darling becomes a national heroine for her rescues from wrecked ship Forfarshire. Charles Wheatstone and William Cooke patent electric telegraph.

1839 Chartist petition presented to parliament

1840 Penny post introduced by Rowland Hill. Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert

1841-43 First Afghan War

1842 Queen Victoria's first train journey

1843 Factory Act, 12-hour day for women, 6-hour day for children 8-13.

1845 Maori risings agaisnt British settlers in New Zealand. Beginning of Irish potato famine

1846 Peel's Public health Acts, provides state-aided palliatives for Irish famine. corn Laws repealed.

1847 Ten Hours FActory Act, 10-hour day for women and both sexes from 13 to 18.

1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, in the Crystal Palace built by Joseph Paxton. Australian Gold Rush begins

1853-1856 Crimean War.

1854 florence Nightingale takes her nurses to the Crimea, becomes famous as the 'lady with the lamp'

1855 The first pillar boxes installed by the Post Office in London

1857-8 Indian Mutiny

1860 Anglo-French forces invade Tientsin and Peking, Summer Palace at Peking is burnt.

1861 Prince Albert dies from typhoid at Windsor

1863 World's first Underground Railway opens to public: Paddington to Farringdon Street

1865 Rebellion Morant Bay area of Jamaica put down with great brutality. Edward Eyre, governor of Jamaica, is dismissed and censored for way in which rising was suppressed. Road Locomotion Act imposes 4 mph speed limit on any form of mechanical road transport, road 'locomotives' reguire 3 attendants, one of whom must walk in front with a red flag.

1867 Parliamentary Reform Act almost doubles the size of the electorate in England and Wales. Sailing of the last convict ship to Australia. Joseph Lister, professor of surgery at Glasgow, introduces an antiseptic system based on phenol.

1870 Irish Land Act, loans to peasants to purchase land, compensation for eviciton and improvement. Married Women's Property Act, acknowledged principle that wives may have their onw property. Education Act accepts that basic schooling is a government responsibility.

1871 Queen Victoria opens Royal Albert Hall . Trade Union Act legalizes unions.

1872 Ballot Act ensures secrecy at elections. First FA Cup Final at Kennington Oval.

1873 Ashanti War begins.

1874 First organised strike of agricultural labourers. Generaly Wolseley makes peace with the Ashanti. Factory Act, 56-hour working week, further safeguards to protect children from employment as chimney sweeps

1875 Main sewerage system for London is completed after 30 years work. Disraeli purchases 176,602 shares in Suez Canal, making Britain the largest single shareholder in the Canal Company.

1876 Merchant Shipping Act, establishes safety measures, notably the Plimsoll makr to guard against overloading of vessels. Royal Titles Act, Queen Victoria to be Empress of India

1877 Queen Victoria is proclaimed Empress of India at Delhi

1878 'cleopatra's Needle' reaches London

1879 zulus defeat British at Isandhlwana. Zulus defeated atUlundi. Zulu war formall ends. Foundation of Irish National Land League

1880-81 First Boer War

1883 Electric traction comes to Britian with opening of Volk's electric railway at Brighton

1884 third Parliamentary Reform Act, uniform male suffrage in town and country, 2 million farm workers get the vote.

1885 Crimianl Law Amendment Act, to protect women and girls, age of consent raised to 16, child prostitution outlawed.

1886 Gladstone's Irish Home Rule bill defeated.

1887 Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee

1888 'Jack the Ripper' murders in Whitechapel. First strike by unorganised women workers, the Match girls in Bow, East London

1891 Balofur's irish Land Act: Congested Districts Board set up to ease housing problems. Public telephone links London and Paris

1897 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

1898 Kitchener wins

back the Sudan for Egypt. Second Boer War begins

1901 Queen Victoria dies.

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