Ferret Day 2025 is on Wednesday, April 2, 2025: Ferrets?

Wednesday, April 2, 2025 is Ferret Day 2025. National Ferret Day, Ferrets magazine during National Ferret Day

Ferret Day

'A ferret is forever, not simply for stuffing down your trousers', as we are advised every Christmas, although to several ferret proprietors, that is life. Ferret Day looks for to commemorate these remarakable and resistant animals.

The ferret is a too much maligned and misinterpreted mustelid, the domesticated relative of the European polecat. Hence it is widely thought to be a smelly, quarrelsome, amoral, biting monster. This could not be additionally from the honest truth, and Ferret Day advertises the true virtues of this attractive, cuddly animal and furthers the welfare of ferrets everywhere.

Ferrets are often kept as working pets, but also make loyal and satisfying companions. The standards of welfare, nourishment and treatment required for every coincides. Ferret Day offers a focus for ferret-lovers to work together and share their passion, and to educate the broader public regarding this great, upstanding participant of the rodent neighborhood.


I have 2 ferrets and I'm in love! lol they are amazing little animals. There are a few things u should now about them beofer you do get them tho. (your right they arent rodents) The are very energetic and they need to be played with about 2 hours a day or else they cna get depressed and eventually die if they are unhappy. When you play with your ferrets you can just let them run around providing you have ferret proofed the room first. Most ferrets arent cuddly animals if thats what you are looking for then dont get a ferret. They also can smell...terrible if you dont take care of them. I bathe my weekly and they actually like to swim in the tub. There are also additives to their water that can help w.the smell of their waste. A ferret is a big responsibility. Find a vet before you purchase a ferret because most vets classify them as exotic pets so things can get expensive for them and or a lot of places wont see them. when u first get ur lil babies they will bite it takes training. but i foundit was easily done. goodluck. their little chuckle will melt your heart. especially if you get a pair they will entertain themselves and the chuckling will be endless.



Ferrets require care, they need fresh food and water, and the cage needs to be cleaned regularly along with litter being removed and replaced, are you sure you can handle this?

Are you willing to spend all the time needed to become fully acquainted with your new baby? Do you have much going on in your life already where another addition, chore and person to worry about would cause stress? Does the flat or apartment you live in allow pets to be kept? These are just some of the things to consider before you go out and buy a pet ferret, more to come…

What will you do when you go on holiday; will there be room in the car for a cage so you can take your ferret with you? Do you have someone who is able and willing to look after your ferret while you are on holiday?

Most ferrets these days are neutered before they are sold to you, if they don’t female ferrets can die from aplastic anemia if they do not breed. Male ferrets can become hostile and over aggressive if they are not neutered. Are you sure you are able to obtain a neutered ferret from your area or will you be able to swallow the cost of paying for the surgery yourself?

Like many pets, ferrets may require attention from a professional veterinarian such as routine physicals and vaccinations, are you able to afford these extra costs?

A ferret IS NOR like a hampster...ferrets require attention and if they get depressed...they can die. They also get all the colds and flu's that us humans get plus alot of other diseases and illnesses.

How often do ferrets eat a day?

How often do ferrets eat a day?

If your ferrets not eating you should worry...

Ferrets have to eat every 4 hours. You should find out what he was eating at the Pet Store. Sounds like an adult ferret if he is 1 foot long, so hard kibble food. I would think he was fed Marshall's ferret food. Ferrets ARE VERY PICKY EATERS! He may not eat anything new for a while- so call the pet store and ask what brand they were feeding him. Please don't feed the ferret cat food- or even worse, dog food. It contains to much vegetables and grains, something ferrets cannot digest and causes numerous health issues later in life.

Here is a site that compares food for ferrets and rates them on quality:

I would suggest Totally Ferret, Zupreem, or 8-in-1 Ultimate.

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