National Day of Hope 2025 is on Wednesday, April 2, 2025: National Days?

Wednesday, April 2, 2025 is National Day of Hope 2025. A National Day Of Hope A National Day Of Hope

National Days?

Click on the link below then go to the month you would like. Once there click on the special days link. It has between 10 to 20 special/odd days to celebrate per each month of the year.

Examples: National Weatherperson's Day, Polar Bear Day, First toy store opened day, Make your bed day, Make a hat day, Kite day, Circus day. You get the idea. Loads of fun days to celebrate there.

I have used this before. I hope it is what you are looking for. Enjoy!

Which national park is your favorite?

Which national park is your favorite?

Good evening Jess,

I hope you had a great day. I have been to many national parks because I love to hike, camp and fish. Many national parks, like the Grand Canyon and Bryce, I would classify as beautiful and spectacular but I would not want to see them again. They have no varieties of beautiful.

The Mighty High Sierra Nevada Mountain range contains three (3) national parks. The first time I hiked the John Muir Trail through the Mighty High Sierra Nevada Mountains was in 1960. I was fifteen (15).


We lived off the land and saw three people in two months. In 1995, we saw over a hundred people in one week. Today people have set reservations lasting for years. The trash and waste is so bad that park rangers have decided to close many of the inner lakes.

Other national parks, like Yellowstone and Yosemite, are simply beautiful but today they are nothing but parking lots with thousands of people. The waiting line to get inside is over a mile long. Camp reservations can take a year or more.

Trash trucks continuously pick up trash and waste. What is worse, the parks are too overcrowded with people. The overcrowding of people has caused an explosion in the rat/mice population. The rats/mice carry diseases and virus. Today as I write, thousands of people (over 10,000 people) have been warned about the Hantavirus in Yosemite. Most of our national parks are in the same condition, overcrowded.

My third favorite park is Sequoia National Park. I visit Sequoia National Park at least every other year. I believe this is truly God’s country. I walk with giant Redwood Trees born before Christ. I have been praying and thanking General Sherman for brings me back from Vietnam for over forty years. Not even fire can destroy General Sherman in Sequoia National Park.

My second favorite park is Death Valley. Death Valley is breathtaking. There is no place on earth like Death Valley. Death Valley is three (3) million acres of multicolored rock layers with sand dunes and rocks. It is the hottest, driest, and lowest point (below sea level) in the United States. There are rocks that move on their own. It is a land of extremes.

I return every four or five years and especially after the once every ten (10) year rains. Millions of wild flowers get an opportunity to show off their blooms after the long sleep. I love Death Valley National Park, especially the night sky. The view of the heavens is indescribable. But even today the lights of Las Vegas are affecting the night sky. Scientist calls it “light pollution”.

Mankind is slowly destroying all.

So what is left? My favorite National park is “The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The National sanctuary runs along the California coast for 276 miles and covers 6094 square miles of ocean. In my opinion it is what a park should be doing, saving beauty and animals for future generations. Because of this concept, the park has a major effect on inland animals and the land surrounding it for miles.

You can enjoy watching California Gray whales with their young, otters raising their young and playing as a family, while seals play in the surf beside you with giant California Condors and eagles flying high in the clear sky. Most of these animals have come back from near extinction. Inland there are fields filled with thousands of wild flowers and thousands of Monarch Butterflies flying through the branches of 2000 year old Coastal Redwood Trees.

Jess, if you take your time and go through the website below you will understand why this is my number one pick. Read what Henry Miller states half way down the website on the right hand side. Click on the ecology of Big Sur at the bottom.

Thanks for your question. You and your family have a beautiful day. Peace from Los Angeles.

National MCR Day???

National MCR Day???

to make it short:

MCR did NOT start it ; they dont have a high ego.this was completely an idea of a fan.

they fans started it. they choose july 23rd because its the day they released their first album: i brought you my bullets; you brought me your love. it was released july 23, 2002. and they just started posting it in blogs and forums to get the thing going. i dont know the exact person who started it but it was a normal person who is a big fan of mcr. its a good idea. lol.

oh and this is the first year that MCR fans are doing MCR day. hopefully not the last.

MCR RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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