Whole Grain Sampling Day 2025 is on Wednesday, April 2, 2025: What do you [teenage girls] eat in a day?

Wednesday, April 2, 2025 is Whole Grain Sampling Day 2025. Grain Sampling Probes‎ 1 Yr Warranty, USA Made, USDA Specs Open Handle Heavy Gauge Brass

What do you [teenage girls] eat in a day?

Here’s a sample daily diet I did for myself:

6am- cereal berries soymilk whey protein


7:30am- soybeans Mrs. dash unsweetened soy milk whey protein


10am- apple almond flax seed whey protein unsweetened soy milk

12am- spinach carrot green pepper olive oil red wine vinegar unsweetened soymilk whey protein

3pm- chili beans onion tomato whole grain toast low fat sodium free margarine

6pm- broccoli green pepper soybeans onion carrot rice olive oil Mrs. Dash

Total: 2262 cals. 35%protein. 45%carbs. 20%fat. 17.5g added sugar (10 from cereal. 1211.5mg sodium.

here are my guide lines:

Measure your food and make a food journal. At least do it for one day. Make a chart, write down each food, how much calories was in it, fat, sugar, sodium… for the amount you ate. Then at the end of the day, add up all the fats, sugars, sodium, calories… to see the total for the day. Don’t count the sugar in fruits and veggies, only count added sugars.

45 to 65 percent of your calories should come from complex carbohydrates, 20 to 35 percent should come from fat, and 10 to 35 percent from protein.

Eat healthy varieties of 2cup fruits, 3cup veggies, grains (make ½+ of your grains, whole grains) 4-8oz, meats/raw nuts/beans 6.5oz, dairy3cups. 6+ meals, 2-3hours apart. Eat 1gram protein times your body weight. So if you weigh 100lbs, you eat 100grams protein daily. Drink 2+cups water per hour.

Sugar= no more then 10 teaspoons (40grams) of sugar at 2000cal diet per day. No more then 15teaspoons (60grams) of sugar at 2500cal diet per day. 1teaspoon=4grams and 16 calories of sugar.

No more then 2.3g salt a day. (2300mg)(1 teaspoon of table/iodized salt)

Fat= 20-35%of calories. 73g 2200cal diet, 93g 2800cal diet. Multiply day’s cals by .30 for cals from fat/day. 2200cal times .30=660cals from fat. Divide cal from fat per day by 9(each gram fat has 9cal) to get g of fat /day. 660cal from fat divide by 9=73. Total fat 65g for 2000cal/day. 80g total fat for 2500cal/day.

Saturated fat less then 10% of cals. 20-g for 2000cal/day. 25-g for 2500/day.

Cholesterol less then daily value 300mg/day on nutrition facts.

=this will help you for things you eat the don’t have nutrition facts.

lift heavy weights 3 days a week. Different muscle group each day. Cardio 3-7days a week. Warm up 5+min. then, stretch 5+mins, then do high intensity cardio(like sprinting) 1hour, or heavy weights/intense body weight exercises, for 50min-1hour, then stretch for 1+hour. do sets until failure, do bout 1-10reps and bout 4 sets, if you can do more then you need heavier weights. If you are unable to do full range of motion in the exercise, then the weight is too heavy. Increase intensity for each workout.

Its good to have sore muscles the next day, the pain may last a week+. It’s best to work the muscle hard one day, then give it a week+ to repair and grow. If the muscles are not in pain, then work it. If the muscle is in pain from the previous day-week, then don’t work it. Warm up 5+ min, then stretch the sore muscles, along with whole body, 1+hour a day, but don’t do intense exercises that would over work the sore muscles.

Don’t lock your joints during exercises, keep knees slightly bend, do exercises slowly and focus on form. If you feel joint pain, then stop, recheck your form, if you still feel joint pain, then stop and give yourself a rest.

tells u how many cals to eat. add 100-500cals to gain, subtract 100-500 to loose.

doesnt count bmr


Vegetarian sample-diet critique?

Vegetarian sample-diet critique?

It looks good but you should be having a wide variety of vegetable,pulses, and whole grains.

whats a sample meal to eat when tryin to lose weight?

whats a sample meal to eat when tryin to lose weight?


1/2 cup skim milk, on 1 cup whole grain cereal (or oatmeal)

1 glass PURE orange juice

piece of fruit


turkey breasst sandwich, on whole grain bread, with tomato, lettuce, and honey mustard

glass of milk or orange juice


Chicken breast (baked)

with unlimited steamed veggies and 1 cup potatoes or pasta

milk, or juice

Unlimited water all day

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