Financial Planning Week on October, 2024: Career in financial planning?

Financial Planning Week 2024. Financial Planner Find A Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor To Help With Your Future.

Career in financial planning?

I am a financial planner. The hours are long and yes, it is very difficult to acquire new clients. Most job opportunities are commission-only. If you do not go into this field with a sales mindset, you are not likely to make a great deal of money.

I love what I do, and if I measure success in terms of how I have helped people, I am very successful indeed. But because I am not aggressive, not a sales-orientated person, and not willing to work 70 hours per week, I am not making as much money as I did before.

Financial planning?

Financial planning?

An experienced planner charges about $200 per hours.

Assume a 40-hour week. That's about $416,000 per year.

That also assumes that you're paid by fee only and not on commission.

You can start from charging as little as you want to build your client base and your reputation, which will be extremely important for your career in the long run.

Highschool financial plan?

Highschool financial plan?

Always pay your self first this means open an acct or dig a hole and take at least 10-15% of your money each pay check put that in there.Next make a budget like 40.00 a month for entertainment ok i know that sounds cheesy its only 10.00 a week but think about it its worth it . How many clothes can one person need if you dont have many by all means take 20-30 a month and get some but if your closet and dresser is over flowing you dont need them and also i dont know how old you are but if you have things lying around the house you dont use sell them online this will help on everything you are trying to get .

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