Getting The World To Beat A Path To Your Door Week on October, 2024: I can't beat Yoshi's Island DS Level 4-7!?

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I can’t beat Yoshi’s Island DS Level 4-7!?


World 4-7: Teeth-Chattering Chill Zone


Flower 1


From the start, go left and hit the egg block to fill up. Then, jump onto the

pipe and aim an egg at the winged cloud directly above. Shoot it to reveal

the first Flower, and jump to retrieve it.

Flower 2


Head to the right until you reach the egg trap enemy. Shoot it, then jump

across and continue right to the giant bouncy pads. You will collect the

first red coin (1) right next to the pad in the corner. Bounce to the upper-

left area and pound the stake there to get another red coin (2). Get to the

ledge on the right side and jump over the bouncy pad on the floor, then

continue to the right edge of the platform. Drop into what seems to be a pit

and you will be able to bounce on two of those pads. Go back and forth to

collect the two red coins (4), then land on the right ledge.

Go right from here and you will see a block that crashes into the ground

before rising up and stopping temporarily. When it stops, quickly run across

to the other side (bounce off the pad to the left for a speed boost). Use the

Stork Stop and switch to Baby Mario, then head upward and to the right.

Defeat the batter and pitcher enemies before continuing onward to another

section of the ceiling crashing into the ground periodically. Use the bouncy

pad to get across when the blocks rise, then jump onto the pipes and then to

the upper ledge (you can go back to the start of the stage if you go down the

left pipe and check the hint box).

In the next area to the right, bounce on the pad to reach the upper ledge.

Hit the egg block, then jump to the upper area and pound the stake to get a

red coin (5). Drop to the lower ledge and go down the stairs, then bounce on

the yellow balloon to get onto the ledges above it. Collect some coins, then

go up and left to find the second Flower.

Flower 3


Drop onto the thin ledges and then flutter to the coins in the air to the

right. The middle coin is a red coin (6), so be sure to grab it. Go right and

jump to avoid the bull, then collect the Key floating in the air. Jump over

the right gap and shoot an egg at the left wall at an angle to collect the

line of coins, including the red coin (7) at the left end. Bounce on the

yellow balloon to the right to reach the locked door; unlock it with the Key

to play a mini-game for a chance at an extra life.

Once you finish that, drop to the lower ledge and go right some more. You

will see a small yellow balloon on a platform surrounded by pits. Shoot two

eggs at it to inflate it, then bounce to the ledges above (ground pounding on

the balloon helps to get good leverage in your jump). Jump up the hill to the

left and switch to Baby Mario if you don't already have him. Then, hit the

red switch and run to the left. Jump to the first ledge to get a red coin

(8), then quickly jump to the next red path and go right. Jump to get another

red coin (9) on the upper ledge, then as the timer runs out, jump and flutter

to the left ledge. If you made it across, jump to the left and grab the

Character Coin.

From here, jump to the tall stake below and to the left. Pound the middle

stake and then the right stake all the way down to get two red coins (11).

Then, make your way all the way to the right, across the gaps and yellow

balloons, and enter a new area. In the next area, go through the Middle Ring

and jump from platform to platform while eating/spitting out the penguins and

avoiding the falling balloons. Ride the platforms on the tracks as you

progress; after you ride the fast yellow platform, defeat the pitcher enemy

below and shoot an egg upward to get the next Flower.

Flower 4


Jump onto the next yellow platform to the right and ride it onward. Jump to

the purple platform on the upper track, jumping to avoid the balloon as it

bounces around below. Shoot an egg at the Shy Guy holding the red coin above

to collect it (12). At the end of the purple platform's track, jump to the

downward-moving yellow platform ahead. Jump to grab the next red coin (14)

out of the flying Shy Guy's hands, and continue riding the platform.

Defeat the pitcher enemy at the end, then quickly head to the next ledge and

claim the red coin (14) from the last flying Shy Guy before it flies away. If

you miss it, you won't have a second chance at it, so be fast! After you get

it, go right and shoot the trap enemy to stun it, then jump into the upper

pipe to reach a new area.

When you arrive in the new section, go through the Middle Ring to set a

checkpoint. Then, go into the room ahead and you will proceed to ski down the

hills ahead. In the daytime portion, there are no red coins, so don't worry

too much if you miss coins. Just concentrate on speeding down the slopes;

you'll be able to make

Chuck Norris Jokes Of The Week?

Chuck Norris Jokes Of The Week?

You get an A for effort.........

I REALLY NEED HELP!, acting means the world to me!!!!?

I REALLY NEED HELP!, acting means the world to me!!!!?

Hi friend,

The whole process of acting can be a confusing merry-go-round. Generally, an actors life begins like this:

Getting involved in a local community theatre. Doing plays, musicals, acting, for free. Putting those creds on what's called a "resume". A piece of paper with all the work you've done. It tells directors how much experience you have. If you don't have ANY, fear not. Often times community theatres may cast you in smaller roles, chorus, or ensemble if you don't have experience. That's how you GAIN it. Then you do more shows. On and on and on. More on your resume.

You'll probably want to take some skill classes in here. Acting. Dancing. Improv. Auditioning for Film. Film Acting. There are many different classes offered out there from private instructors, theatres, or studios. Take what you can. Those go on your resume too. If you decide to follow this into college, maybe even attending a Performing Arts college, so much the better. More resume cred.

By this point, you'll probably feel like dabbling in some film. Student films from local colleges or universities are a great place. Contact the departments to see if any student directors are holding auditions. Often you can find this kind of info also on Craigslist. Just be mindful and cautious of course.

Perhaps you live in a larger market to where you can get some real, bona fide on camera extra work. DO IT. Being an extra is great experience, gets you familiar with a set, and film jargon, and can possibly even help you towards gaining your Union card.

Once you have some theatre, maybe some film, you may be able to approach agents in your area.

Different agents will like different things when you submit, but most will want your resume, headshot, and a demo reel of your previous work. If they like you, and have a need for you, it may be just that simple. Sometimes you have to beat down their doors for a LONG time. SOME agencies won't even talk to you if you come to them. They only go after people THEY want. THEY'LL come to YOU in that case. (That's when you're a bit bigger deal).

Acting comes in many varieties. There are people who make a living just doing extra work. Some are professional voice over artists. You never see their face, but you hear them all the time. Some people live doing commercials. Some go on and do television, movies, or spend their lives doing theatre. ALL of it is "acting"

Remember - an agent only gets you AUDITIONS. The company will come to the agent with the "types" they're looking for. I'm not going to get called in to a Nike commercial audition if they have only asked my agent to see Asian women. That's just how it goes.

I drive 2 hours away often for auditions, but this is my career. It's what I DO. Acting is hard work, and takes commitment. If you're expecting to "make it" right away, you may be in for some disappointment. But, if you're committed to this path, and it's your passion, it can be VERY fulfilling.

Best of luck with your decisions.

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