No Salt Week on October, 2024: Eating salt once a week?

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Eating salt once a week?

I tried that once (it didn't help that I have chronic low blood pressure) and it made me really light-headed and dizzy all the time. I don't eat much processed food so that's probably why I wasn't getting sodium from other sources but I don't recommend cutting it out completely. Dietitians recommend having a maximum of one teaspoon of added salt to unprocessed food per day.

Lip piercing ok in salt water week after pierced?

Lip piercing ok in salt water week after pierced?

No swimming for 6 weeks after piercings, whether it be in the ocean, a lake, pond, river, pool, whatever. Reason being as the water you will be swimming in is not sterile, it literally is a fish's toilet. Fresh piercings are a breeding ground for bacteria, warm, moist, and new tissue for them to thrive on.

Going swimming you are introducing your piercing to the possibility of bacterial infections, protozoan infections, parasitic infections, and dirt in general.

Sea salt water is great for piercings, but only when that water has either been boiled first or come from a bottle of distilled water. The ocean/a sea is neither of those.

*Someone above me, rock salt is not more pure than sea salt and is not a better alternative. It has added chemicals as does iodized salt.

I’m a salt addict, but have I become helplessly dependent?

I'm a salt addict, but have I become helplessly dependent?

I feel ya! I used to be a salt addict, and it turned out I had celiac disease. There are lots of aspects to it and I'm not sure which ones were responsible for the salt thing, but I wanted salt on everything. I would pour salt on my food before even tasting it. I found out last year that I had celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by an intolerance to gluten in your diet. The antibodies it creates attack your intestines and damage it so badly that it can't absorb nutrients. Even if you're getting enough calories, your body still thinks it's starving to death because you're really deficient in all the nutrients your body needs. It causes you to have all kinds of cravings, not just salt. I even had pica cravings for awhile. I actually had cravings for permanent markers and cleaning products for awhile (I never ate any though, but it was crazy). That's one possible cause. Another aspect to the disease is that it attacks your glands, especially your thyroid. Anyway, the theory of adrenal fatigue has been around for awhile. A lot of people with celiac disease are said to have adrenal fatigue, a key symptom is salt cravings. Since I started eating a gluten free diet, the cravings have gone away completely. I actually don't even like salt on my food anymore. It's weird how your tastes can change so much. Celiac disease is one thing you should consider. Adrenal fatigue is another, although it's not really considered to be a real condition, more a theoretical one that is related to other disorders. Some people accept it and some do not.

Another thing I'd like you to look into is diseases that would affect your body's ability to regulate your fluid levels. If you're not a nurse this may be hard, but your kidneys are largely responsible for maintaining fluid balance and so naturally kidney problems would cause things like this. I saw a show about mystery diagnosis's and there was a little boy who poured salt on all his food like crazy and he ended up having a kidney disorder.

Basically, you need to see a doctor about this. I know you said that advice to just "go see a doctor" isn't what you want, but your cravings seem really extreme and it could be serious. You said that they tested your kidney function awhile back, but did you tell them about the salt cravings? A lot of times people make the mistake of thinking that they don't have to tell doctors about their symptoms because if something were to be wrong it would show up on tests and that's not the case at all. They need to know what to look for. Here are some websites about excessive salt cravings:

adrenal fatigue:

celiac disease:

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