Church Safety and Security Month on October, 2024: Was there more of a social "safety net" when more people belonged to churches?

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Was there more of a social "safety net" when more people belonged to churches?

Between that and the destruction of the family unit, yes.

Government programs such as Social Security allowed young adults to neglect the family in favor of their own pursuit of an elusive happiness. About 100 years ago, it was not uncommon to see three generations in the same house. Now, it's looked down upon.

I've been in that situation. My grandfather was my role model and my hero. He suffered from Parkinson's disease, my grandmother was legally blind, and my mother was not as healthy as many her age at the time. I moved back home with them, and believe me when I tell you how I was looked down upon as a leech and an immature man for living there. It did not matter that I was giving medical assistance to my family when I wasn't working; I should be out of the house and the government should take care of them. I actually heard that. My mother and I were ENCOURAGED to put them in a nursing home so we wouldn't be "burdened". Of course, it meant selling the family house, but what did they care?

In short, we refused, Mom's health deteriorated, I was her caregiver, and when I sold the house after her death, I spent part of that money doing something those selfish people never could afford; I went to Australia for a month.

Have you ever lived in South Africa? please tell me about everything: life, safety, people?

Have you ever lived in South Africa? please tell me about everything: life, safety, people?

Im in Pretoria (near Johannesburg);

MacDonalds adult meal - R25

MacDonald kids meal - R16-00

Can of Coke - R4-50

School Fees (per month) - from R600 (government) upwards

Bread- R5-00 a loaf

Milk - R10-00 for 2 liters

Its cheaper to cook your food from scratch than to eat out. Convenience foods are more expensive.

Meat and Vegetable prices vary from place to place if you can afford it - buy from Woolworths, next PicknPay or Spar (all grocery stores)

Some places advertise cheap Vegetables (Fruit&Veg City or Housewives Market) - but dont buy more than you can eat in 4 days because its normally already ripe and goes bad before you can eat it.

We have great food here, South Africans love to Braai (BBQ) and we eat more red meat than other countries.

And Biltong is raw meat that dried out - it sounds aweful but tastes good. "Dry Wors" is raw sausage dried out - also good.

Safety ... you will need to be more alert than what you are used to. Lock doors and windows at night, lock the car if you are at a shopping center or at night.

Be careful when offering to help people (dont pick up hitch-hikers) dont hand out money to people begging at the traffic lights, or buy stuff from the guys selling at the traffic lights (vegetables, fake perfume, sunglasses and fake dvds)

Try not go out of public areas, until you know the area. Most things happen to foreigners when they are at a secluded beach/ hiking trail or walking home from clubs etc.

Be careful of everyone, no matter how nice they seem.

What is your religious affiliation? The best way to join a new area and find like minded people is to join a church. There you will meet people who will be happy to help you with info on nearby shops/ schools/ etc

English is the most widely spoken language.

I have lived in SA for 30 years. 2 years ago someone tried to steal my purse, I put it next to my baby under a blanket in the babyseat of the trolley. I saw this lady reaching under the blanket (I was about 2 meters away) and I got so mad because I thought she was touching my baby. When I realised my purse was gone I shouted at the top of my voice " SHE STOLE MY PURSE" within 30 seconds my purse was found and the lady dissapeared. That is the only crime that I can think of that has happened to me.

Our home has an alarm, we are linked with a security company called Chubb. We are very aware. We have had to chase people out of our garden at night before (burglars) but we chased them before they got into our home.

We have a dog who barks at all strange noises at night - thats a deterant.

I have also be called over protective, but my 3 kids (under 5) are always supervised (at school / home by me or my domestic worker) I dont let them go unaccompanied anywhere. If your children are older you will have to find out from parents of similar aged children what they do.

Dont worry but when you get here be careful.

Why is a KY pastor asking his members to bring their guns to church?

Why is a KY pastor asking his members to bring their guns to church?

It's a celebration of the Fourth of July and some of the basic rights we enjoy. I'd bet he also ties it into Luke 22: 35-36

Then Jesus asked his disciples, "When I sent you out without a wallet, traveling bag, or sandals, you didn't lack anything, did you?" They replied, "Nothing at all."

Then he said to them, "But now whoever has a wallet must take it along, and his traveling bag, too. And the one who has no sword must sell his coat and buy one.

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