Global Diversity Awareness Month on October, 2024: What is global diversity awareness?

October, 2024 is Global Diversity Awareness Month 2024. Diversity Awareness Month‎ Explore Diversity Awareness Month. Get Answers Now on

What is global diversity awareness?

Do you mean global diversity awareness month? If so, then it's a month to value all races, genders, nationalities, etc. It starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st.

Your Question What do I need for childminding?

Your Question What do I need for childminding?

What sort of things should I do with the children?

Do whatever you would with your own children. Have a large selection of general toys, outdoor equipment, crafts items and games etc. Visit the shops, parks, toddler groups, childminding group, zoo etc.

Make sure your toys and activities reflect the diversity of the world, not only in skin colour and disability but in culture and lifestyle too.

I am currently making video tutorials for simply crafts work on YouTube,click here to visit. There are lots of ideas on the Activity ideas and Resources link on the left or go direct by clicking here, Free Childminder's Resources

Sarah, a member and moderator of my Childminding Forum, has produced a booklet of multicultural activities for pre-schoolers. She sells this booklet through her website. It is an excellent resource with 5 chapters covering:

Background Information - Global Awareness

Generic Festival Planning

Festival Dates

A Year of Activities - 24 planned activities (2 per month)

Reference Section

She also produces booklets on EYFS, Planning and Observation. Themes are also her speciality and she will be producing a pack based on specific themes soon. -- for more information and to contact Sarah -

what is "adapting to diverse science culture for development"?

what is "adapting to diverse science culture for development"?

The theme is of great

significance in each of our lives since it is telling us that we should be able

to adapt and feel free to use the different ways of development in science

because it leads to enhance our quality of living. And whatever development

there is, is for the betterment, advancement, and for us to move into further

that what has been usually done. There is then therefore a new way of doing

things, and that new way is easier, healthier, and improvement has been based

with the aid of science. For Diverse Science Culture refers to different ways

in which the development came from, and yet whosoever that person may be who

made the development, whatever culture he/she has, as a whole if such

development can be use by every other person not coming from the same way of

life then that certain development was adapted and being used to do things

better. It’s further may sense that taking diversity itself seriously gives us

a perhaps more productive way to think about where we want people to get to.

That is why Science Month is being celebrated for a chance to further our mission

of letting other individuals aware that every development there is in science

and technology and being used with utmost care and regard then it benefits all.

And through science month celebration we can show how important science is in

our everyday work. Everyone can play a part, it may support public awareness

and educational campaigns, share ideas for a healthier future and I encourage

you young people to explore and be more involved in science. Trees, according to the DepED issuance, serve as the

lungs of our planet. They help reduce global warming by sequestering million

tons of carbon per year, apart from the usual benefits they provide. Let us

then be take good care of our trees. Science then is not only, but is a must in the

compass guiding of our environmental protection decisions. We cannot make the

best decisions unless we have confidence in the integrity of the science on

which we rely on.

We must always bear this in

mind that development in Science is something that everyone can draw from and

be empowered by, something to which everyone can contribute, and engaged with

rather than isolated from other spheres of human activity


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