Head Start Awareness Month on October, 2024: Ideas for a Ginger Awareness Club.?

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Ideas for a Ginger Awareness Club.?

Ginger Awareness Club......as in red heads and not the ginger we enjoy with food, right? I have a tough time with the whole concept of "ginger" as a description for people, sounds racist and bigoted to me.

Thinking about starting a fundraiser?

Thinking about starting a fundraiser?

I would start with finding sponsors, and then work on getting a small committee together to help you. More heads are better than one!

Is it too late to start Karate at eleven years old?

Is it too late to start Karate at eleven years old?


Eleven is a fantastic age to start martial arts. While many people begin training much earlier it is often because their parents encourage them to do so. At age eleven you have formed your own personality and can make such a decision and will probably enjoy martial arts more as a result.

Please avoid McDojos! A McDojo is a martial art dojo (school) that has dubious practices such as:

1. Contracts - Don't sign a contract for six months or one year or whatever

2. Black Belts - If you see a "black belt" under the age of 16 you should just walk away. The younger the "black belt" the worse the school.

3. Testing every two months - not necessarily offering testing every two months but actually promoting a student every two months

4. Red belts (or brown belts) teaching (every) class

5. The head instructor never teaches

6. The head instructor has dozens of titles and certificates to prove his value

7. The school holds their own tournaments and/or discourages you from joining other tournaments

8. The school claims their martial art can't be beaten

9. The school teaches five different and unrelated martial arts with the same instructor. In my opinion it is entirely reasonable that one instructor might teach Judo, Jujutsu and Wrestling. If you found a single instructor teaching Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo and Wrestling you need to take a closer look.

While one of the above may not indicate a McDojo, you can be almost certain that a dojo that meets three or more of the criteria is a McDojo.

If you attend a McDojo your fitness will improve as might your discipline but your self defense may actually be worse than flailing your arms wildly.

If you want to learn self defense take a self defense course. The most important aspects of self defense are alertness, awareness and avoidance.

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