Holy Humor Month on April, 2025: Question about guidance through The Holy Spirit?

April, 2025 is Holy Humor Month 2025. Holy Humor Holy Humor. “Hello

Question about guidance through The Holy Spirit?

God "tweaks" me all the time, but I don't see it until after the fact:

When I am proud, he really gets me: we had a "yard of the month" sign and I looked at it and thought, "not everyone can see it where it is..." and as I pulled it up out of the lawn to move it to a more visible place, it was top heavy, and the sign flipped upside down. As it flipped, one of the dirty prongs swiped across my white jeaned butt. My new white jeans. I had just finished admiring how good I looked in them after I put them on....Pride. Foiled again. Got me on pride, for sure.

Another time, I was proud of my new Camry. 3 months old. My father was driving one of those electric carts and he drove it right into the side of the car and turned, basically, it looked as though my beautiful new car had been "keyed." As I inhaled to spout every cuss word I knew, I heard a lady say "Well, hello there!" We were in front of Walmart so you know who it was... The preacher's wife. That was a two-fer.

God has a sense of humor.

You can pray for guidance, but it won't come in an easily recognizable form or fashion. He works in his own way. Just whatever you do, do NOT pray for PATIENCE because God will send you some tough stuff.

Hope it helps...or at least put a smile on your face.

how to stay a holy christian?

how to stay a holy christian?

God does not expect you to repress yourself on life

as long as you are not getting into trouble you will do fine

God even has a sense of Humor

lets play another round of holy man humor?

lets play another round of holy man humor?

Hey - did you hear about the three nuns who were sitting in the park, when a man came up and exposed himself?

One of them fainted, but the other two had a stroke ...

Holidays also on this date Tuesday, April 1, 2025...