Horse Protection Day 2025 is on Saturday, March 1, 2025: What is good hoof protection for barefoot horses?

Saturday, March 1, 2025 is Horse Protection Day 2025. National Horse Protection Day - Join the fight to save homeless ... National Horse Protection Day

Horse Protection Day

Equine Protection Day was produced by Colleen Paige to teach people concerning the welfare of horses.Suggestions for Horse Protection Day ranges from fostering, implementing, or sponsoring a equine that’s in desperate necessity of some love and care, to establishing a stall to create focus on the problem of equine welfare.Further suggestions for Horse Protection Day may include arranging an adoption event in your neighborhood or city, with the aid of a nearby animal charitable organisation, in addition to arranging a celebration to obtain food to horses that frantically require it in your town.Local riding stables ought to be informed about Horse Protection Day, when you could spend your day taking care of the equine of the neighbour or friend.Humorous methods for drawing focus on your day may include dressing like a equine and collecting for any equine welfare charitable organisation and arranging a equine-designed party.

What is good hoof protection for barefoot horses?

Well, I can only tell you about the ones I've seen or tried myself. But I used to have a barefoot horse who due to hoof problems could not be shod. But he was tender and every day I had to put boots on him for turnout (either all day or all night) and every time I rode. Then every day/night (depending on whether we were on summer or winter schedule) I'd take the boots off to let my horse stand barefoot in his stall. So my horse was wearing his boots anywhere from 8-14 hours every day for almost 2 years - I'd say I've tested them pretty well. In that time, I only went thru 2 pairs of Easyboots. The boots last forever, but the gaiters needed repair/replacement sometimes. I'd just sent them back to the company that makes them, and they fix them for a nominal cost. The company is great- super nice to talk to and very helpful. Good customer service = priceless!

By far my favorite were Easyboot Epic, though I liked the Easyboot Bare also. The gaiters (neoprene piece that goes up over the fetlock) make all the difference in the world! I'd used the regular (plain old fashioned kind) Easyboots before, but they would often fall off. I think in the entire time I used the Epics or Bares only 1 time did he pull off his boots and that was because the horseflies came out and he was running like a maniac in deep mud. So I'd say there were extenuating circumstances. I used to trail ride him and even go cross country schooling and elementary level eventing in them. They are great. You can go through creeks and water jumps, but I never rode through really muddy places so I don't know how that would work. I recommend Epic over Bare because the Bare is very hard to put on and take off. Epic is easy and fast.

I also tried Boa boots, as did several of my boarders. They did stay on OK but the horses seemed clumsy in them and I hated them for riding. The only positive is they're super easy to put on and off. But they rubbed most of the horses raw and we had to stop using them. They might work as a temporary fix for the very occasional lost shoe, but I didn't like them.

A friend of mine tried the Old Mac and she likes them. They look really complicated to put on though. I don't know a lot about them but my friend does like hers. She only uses them in the trailer because her horse paws like a maniac in the trailer, so I don't know how they hold up for riding or turnout.

In summary, I recommend the Easyboot Epic for anytime you ride on rocky or hard ground. Once you get the hang of it, they go on in just a couple minutes. They stay on great and prevent soreness and sole bruising, especially while your horse's feet are in the process of toughening up since the shoes were pulled. Some people swear by Venice Turpentine or Keratex applied to the sole of the hoof as a remedy to toughen them up quicker, but I've never had much luck. Wouldn't hurt to try them though...

Pink skinned horse protection?

Pink skinned horse protection?

Sun that reflects against the clouds and snow can create a worse burn than on a regular sunny day. I would try to keep your horse covered whenever you can. This will keep their coat shiny and slick, too, so they can look pretty and sleek year round! Sunscreen isn't necessary for winter months, but I would keep a fly mask (particular because of their eye color is sometimes blue) year round, and a sheet as well. I have seen some horrible cases of sun burn and cancers from living in Arizona with lots of grays and light colored horses, even palominos.

Good luck!

Horse protection laws?

Horse protection laws?

All animals are covered by basic legislation, then some species have additional cover with specific legislation as well.

There are laws covering tethering.

All horses must have access to water and feed, and they must be checked every day.

Their feet must be attended to by a farrier.

You can phone the RSPCA or an equine vet for advice.

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