Refired, Not Retired Day 2025 is on Saturday, March 1, 2025: Another crappy ABC broadcast?

Saturday, March 1, 2025 is Refired, Not Retired Day 2025. ReFired Not Retired ReFired Not Retired

Another crappy ABC broadcast?

Matt, come on don't you know that Jimmie Johnson is the poster child of Nascar, and they have to talk about him, he is the favorite, and points leader, I know it killed them to be forced to talk about other drivers in the lead and it wasnt there precious Jimmie. Well we are stuck with Jimmie until he retires or just gets crappy, and I don;t see that happening. But look at it this way he really had a bad day, and he actually experienced what most drivers have all the time bad luck, that is something the 48 team never see's. I'm hoping for a repeat for Jimmie in Phoenix More bad luck.. Then I will be super happy. At my place today we are thinking about a new club called Sick of the 48 Club.

Go Dale Jr.. Bring on 2010

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