World Compliment Day 2025 is on Saturday, March 1, 2025: What can I do to make the world a better place?

Saturday, March 1, 2025 is World Compliment Day 2025. Are You Ready for World Compliment Day? - It's Autumn's Life World Compliment Day is a

World Compliment Day

Oh, wow. You appear great! Perhaps you have lost just a little weight because the before we met? As well as your hair! It truly fits you.Compliment Day is charged because the most positive day on the planet. It’s difficult to argue, with all individuals compliments being passed around. There's a skill into it, though. A real compliment should be genuine, or even the receiver might find through it. As importantly, the receiver must accept the compliment having a sincere “Thank you!”. It’s not good being self-effacing you’ll wring all of the positivity from the situation, creating a monotonous Compliment Day.If done correctly though, Compliment Day is unquestionably a pressure permanently within this crazy world. Let’s really go for this. Compliment people you’ve never accented before. Compliment people on the street. Send a wave of positivity around your home town. Anybody ever let you know you’re wonderful?

What can I do to make the world a better place?

Compliment someone every day. Maybe if you brighten their day they will brighten someone else's.

Why does it feel wrong to accept compliments?

Why does it feel wrong to accept compliments?

It's all in how you view compliments. Let's see if we can redirect your thinking...

Let's say you just bought a new purse. You spent a lot of money on it, and you are just so HAPPY that you own it now. You show it to your BFF, and she says, "GAWD! That is the UGLIEST purse I have EVER seen! What in the WORLD made you waste your money and BUY that piece of crap?"

Now, would you think that your BFF has "good taste" and judgement, or she's full of it? She just insulted your purchase and YOU. Would you say to her, "Thank you"??? I doubt it.

Let's change things a bit now... instead your BFF reacts this way, "WOW, that's a GREAT PURSE! It's beautiful! You've got great taste, there, girl!"

NOW would you THANK her? I think so, and you would also be thrilled that your BFF thinks that you have great taste!

Now, let's get to your BF. When he gives you a compliment, if you dismiss the compliment, you are telling him that he does not have good taste or judgement. If he says how pretty you look today, and you say, "aw, it's nothing," you are insulting his judgement and telling him he does not have good taste (after all, AREN'T you pretty... to him at least?).

When you ACCEPT a compliment, you are actually complimenting that person back by saying, "You know, you're RIGHT!! You have great taste and you appreciate quality!"

So, the next time he compliments you, your "thank you" is actually complimenting HIM. He will then be feeling to himself that, "hey, she LIKES that I like her!"

Hope that helps.

Have a polite day.

Etiquette takes over where laws end.

How do you generally respond to compliments?

How do you generally respond to compliments?

I guess I'm a little cynical about compliments, too. I usually just think they're saying nice things just to be nice and polite and/or because they feel obligated to for whatever reason. For example, I didn't ever wear earrings until the end of last fall. The second day I started wearing them, my friend told me he liked them and I actually hadn't heard what he said, I just said, "Huh?" And then he repeated himself and I just looked at him, really surprised by getting any compliment from him at all because he's not the type of person to give compliments, and then I said "thank you". But I don't know to this day whether that was a genuine compliment that he meant or if he said it because he was trying to get on my good side, because I was upset with him about something and I suspect that he knew it (and he always tries his best to avoid uncomfortable situations), and we got into a fight about it later that night :p

The compliments that I do believe are the ones having to do with my clothes or my shoes, etc. I have this one cameo pendant that I get compliments about ALL the time, from so many random people, including complete strangers that are just standing in the elevator with me. And so I suppose I respond to those types of compliments in a more positive way, when they're talking directly about the clothes or necklace or shoes, etc. If they say "You look nice!" I'm more skeptical and less likely to believe them haha.

And I guess I try to think about compliments in a positive way even if I don't believe them. Like, my friend didn't have to say he liked my earrings to diffuse any tension. He could have said anything in the world. Even if I don't entirely believe that he liked my earrings, or thought I looked nice, or whatever the earring compliment might have meant, it was nice of him to say anything about them at all because I didn't usually wear earrings.

So I guess that's my general response. Skepticism, but it was nice of them to try.

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