Hot Tea Month on January, 2025: What ____ if the month club would you join?

January, 2025 is Hot Tea Month 2025. Monthly Tea - Two Gourmet Teas Sent Each Month‎ Free Shipping Today On All Gifts!

Hot Tea Month

There is nothing as relaxing, reassuring or satisfying as a mug of herbal tea. Hot Tea Month encourages you to definitely branch out and check out new kinds of tea to suit different emotions, tastes and conditions British breakfast teas are great, why not give eco-friendly tea, chai tea or any other types a go?

What ____ if the month club would you join?

Tea of the month sounds awesome! Or, maybe jam/jelly of the month, honey of the month, or pretzel of the month

Does it have to be food-related? If not, then definitely a beauty product sampler as well. :)

What type of hot tea is sweet and fruity?

What type of hot tea is sweet and fruity?

I like to make my own tea. I use roibos as the base, then add orange peel and cinnamon sticks --the cinnamon gets sweeter the longer you boil it. I find orange cinnamon tea to be sweet and warming during the winter months.

You can purchase the roibos here:

And the site above also has tons of other organic herbal teas in fruity flavors that you can try as well.

I hope this helps in your tea quest.

How old can a child be before giving herbal tea?

How old can a child be before giving herbal tea?

I would say one should exclusively breastfed for several months and when one starts adding solids, you could add the herbal tea.

Be sure to not use honey for any infant under one year old. If sweetening the tea, use a natural sweetener like raw agave nectar, real maple syrup, stevia, barley malt, etc

A infant can take medicinal herb tinctures and teas for specific problems as long as the dose is right. a child's dose is determined by their weight. Let's say you are giving them mint tea for a tummy-ache and the adult dose is one cup. The dose is based on someone weighing 150 pounds. If your infant weighs 15 pounds their dose would be 15/150 or 1/10 the adult dose or 1/10th of a cup. If the adult dose of a tincture is 60 drops, an 25 pound child would take 25/150 2which is 1/6th. One sixth of 60 drops is 10 drops so the 25 pound child dose of that herbal tincture would be 10 drops. if they weighed 15 pounds it would be 15/150 = 1/10 so 1/10th of 60 equals 6 drops. If they were older and weighed 50 pounds it would be 50/150 or 1/3rd of the adult dose so 20 drops.

here it the explanation called Clark's rule

Catnip is a tea often given to infants and toddlers Since babies sometimes have gas and tummy aches, using a carminative tea is good here are some of those

this site says to not give green tea to infants

it says "•Do not give green tea to infants, since it may interfere with iron metabolism and cause anemia."

here is a site discussing infants and tea

and another

you should find some suggestions and info here

colic and herb tea

If the dose for the baby is too small due to it being a hot day or something, I would dilute the tea with good water.

I would think if not treating a particular problems a tea like catnip or something used for babies or something like celestial seasoning would be good like sleeptime and so forth.

this is a good idea..some people even put pop in a baby bottle yikes. You can also consider some fresh fruit and veggie juices made in a juicer or green drinks like dark green leafy veggies with fruit and water made in a blender but do alternate the greens daily.

Some of them are kale, collard greens. turnip. beet, radish or carrot tops, spinach, romaine, watercress, parsley, swiss chard, celery, dandelion greens and so forth..these are these most nutritious things on the planet according to the studies of Victoria Boutenko containing all nutrients but b12 See her books for green smoothie recipes if desired.

These are extremely health producing. An informal study giving participants one quart of green smoothies a day showed even if the person stayed on their diet and made no other changes they al showed several health benefits. getting the child used to drinking this early would be a great start for healthy living. Adding the fruit makes it palatable and also stimulate the diet of our nearest genetic living relative..the chimp who shares 99.6% of our exact gene sequence and lives by instinct. They eat 40-50% fruit (which includes above ground veggies like cukes and tomatoes which are technically a fruit), 40-50% greens and about 3-8% stems, insects, nuts and seeds.

When Boutenko and her family began eating this way and taking HUGE amounts of green smoothies (minus the bugs), they achieved perfect health when after 13 years and healing several serious and incurable disease with a 100%^ raw food vegan diet they started getting older and not younger like they were..these changes put them back on track and they even had all their moles and warts fall off within 5 days and the mans beard turned from gray to black..since anti-oxidants are considered anti aging, this indicates that these green smoothies were very good as antioxidants. so in addition to the herb teas, I would consider the green smoothies, green juices and fresh veggie and fruit juices as well, If you or the baby/child are taking fresh juices, do not take them at the same time as the pup and take no food for 15-20 minutes and also drink within 15 minutes so the enzymes (life force factor) does not dissipate. if you must refrigerate, fill a glass jar all the way to the brim and put a lid on it to keep oxygen as little as possible so it will stay better longer. when juices are taken with nothing else

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