Creativity Month on January, 2025: creativity?

January, 2025 is Creativity Month 2025. creativity_month_color_dots.gif Creativity Month - a month

Creativity Month

Like calling round to some friend’s house for a mug of tea and finding they’re getting a celebration or realizing it’s their birthday on Facebook and belatedly adding your very best wishes, Creativity Month invites everybody to participate in guilt-free. Released by famous business mentor and inspirational speaker Randall Munson, it seeks to help make the home and also the place of work a far more creative space for a whole month.Author of Creativity 101 and Creativity 102, Munson is a big advocate for that energy of creativeness like a pressure for progress. Actually, among other activities, he’s sure it can benefit you “blast using your barriers”. If that is not a very good reason to resurrect your senior high school poetry obsession we have no idea what's!The odds are you aren't too not even close to the creative realm anyway, you simply may not also have time for you to non-stop think about the lily or fire up your potter’s wheel. Therefore, why don't you honor Creativity Month by looking into making much more of an attempt to aid the humanities in your town or on the personal level. Visit the theatre, attend a concert or go to a gallery. Pull out playing the guitar or perhaps your watercolour easel. Letting your creativity flow will invariably help remind you of the need for thinking outdoors this area in everyday existence.


I used to be a preschool teacher. We had a dress up area that we changed every month to reflect a different theme. We had a doctor's office where we had a real stethoscope, real x-rays, doctor's scrubs, dolls for patients, ace bandages, latex gloves and a couple of those kids doctor's kits. Once it was a pizza parlor where we used felt to make the "ingredients". A light colored round shape was the pizza dough, round red pieces were pepperoni, etc. For the cheese, we used cut up pieces of yarn. Once it was a dressing room and we collected old Halloween costumes and dresses and coats, hats and such.

For art, we did things like gave each child a Christmas tree cut out of construction paper and had them decorate the trees with markers, yarn and glitter. We would also spread out an assortment of colored shapes and ask the children to glue the shapes onto some papaer to make a picture.

Clay or play-dough can also be used to spark creativity in children. For children 2 - 3 years of age, you can make peanut butter play-dough with powdered milk and peanut butter that the kids can eat when they are finished playing. You can use it with 4 - 5 year olds, too.

I always liked the Cardon-Dellosa clip art books. I came up with many ways to use the clip art at art time and for making bulletin boards and such. The pictures in those books are also good when teaching letter sounds.

Another thing that can easily be done is to read a short story without showing the kids the pictures, then have them draw what they think some of the objects in the story look like. If the story is about a dog and a rocket, ask the kids to draw the dog and his rocket.

You can also help develop creativity in children by reading a story and having them fill in the blanks as you read. For example, This is a story about a dog named ________. He lived in a ___________. When he was ____ years old, he learned how to _________. And so on.

Hope this helps!

My creativity is dead?

My creativity is dead?

Your creativity isn't dead, it's just taking a hiatus, or in other words you need some inspiration. What inspires you? When you're out and about or looking through magazines, is there any one thing that makes your fingers start to twitch and you have the uncontrollable urge to draw? For me, if I'm feeling bone dry and just can't work on anything, I take a trip to a store that carries interesting paper stock or rubber stamps. When my bi-monthly issue of Somerset Studio comes, I sometimes stay up until the early hours of the morning because I'm so wired that I can't sleep and I need to work on things. You've just run up and right into a wall and need to feel something creative run through your veins again. Your work is good, no doubt about that. Maybe try something different, try some acrylics for a change. Go out with a camera and take a bunch of photos, print them off and see what it is about each photo that caught your attention. Go on the computer and look through different art sites to see if any colours grab your attention. Has something happened to take you away from your art? Did someone make a snide comment about artists or your art in particular? Did they say to be realistic and think about a career that will actually allow you to make a living? So many things can make your desire wane and you just don't know why you've lost your touch. But, you have to fight back and get your dreams back on track and start drawing again. Carry a sketch book with you and practise every chance you get. Put at least one hour of serious drawing on your agenda for each and every day. Find something to draw that makes you smile or something that brings some emotion to the surface, even if it makes you sad. At least, it's making you feel again. Do not give up! While you will likely have to work other jobs to pay the bills, you can still be drawing and working on your dream. If we didn't have dreams to work on, what would be the point of going on? But, you have to live the dream, in other words you have to work on it if you ever want it to become reality. Now, enough sitting there and thinking that it's all over for you. You're young, intelligent and talented, get your butt moving and start drawing again and start looking around you for new inspiration. It really hasn't left you, it has only shifted gears when you weren't paying attention and now you need to find out where it is and where it's taking you.

Which emotion most inspires YOUR creativity?

Which emotion most inspires YOUR creativity?

For me, 'creativity' is a quite brief impulse, and to ride this impulse I need to 'improvise' when making music.

To imagine that a composer is creative while writing a symphony, e.g., is naive. The writing can take months!

In music, anyway, the creative spark is only responsible for the germ of an idea. Often, however, the exploration of that idea grows more and more intriguing and, thus, the writing of the whole composition sometimes tends to extend the length of the 'creative' impulse.

Which emotion? There is no generalised answer when I consider the various moods of music that involve me.

* As some other answers state, the opposites of joy and sadness are frequently involved in creative music making. What this involvement is, however, is hard to determine.

*I often respond to an inspiration received from cinema, theatre, poetry, literature, fine art, experience of 'nature', etc., but this is really a pause in ones routine, rather than an experience of an emotion, perhaps?

*Re-aquaintance with a friend, e.g., will often provide a creative impulse. The actual emotion involved is hard to pinpoint, however. (Nostalgia? Love? is it a form of 'Joy?)

I can say, quite positively, that the emotion of fear, of being trapped, of having no way of escaping a horrible situation, and so on, are guaranteed to quell creative impulses. If I do or say something I feel guilt for, the whole idea of making music is repellent for some reason.

Depression, as distinct from mellow sadness, is another way of drying up my creative impulses.

Hopeless love for someone who is, for some reason, completely unavailable, infallibly stirs my creative state. (Is this a subconscious attempt to make oneself more desirable?)

I would tentatively answer, then, that moods and situations are more responsible for creativity than are the emotions that flow from them. To be provocative, I will postulate that 'creativity' is, itself, an emotion.

The emotions that I most frequently link with creative periods are (i) mellow sadness, (ii) exuberant joy, (iii) unrequited love and yearning.

This does not mean, of course, that, when my creativity is high and associated with sadness, e.g., the music will necessarily be sad. If fact, I am usually corny and self-indulgent in this particular situation if I attempt to write 'sad' music.

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