National Horseradish Month on July, 2024: please help i think im sick!!?

July, 2024 is National Horseradish Month 2024. Horseradish-Month.gif July is National Horseradish

please help i think im sick!!?

I suggest taking this supertonic which some say is THE cure for the common cold. It is sold at but he showed in a video how to make it yourself

Go to the grocery stre and get the following

-a lot of garlic

-hot onions

-hot peppers (the hottest YOU can take not the hottest there is or you might not take it)

-raw apple cider vinegar (this is usually sold at health food stores or sections of the grocery stores,. It is raw and unpasteurized containing the "mother" Generally the brands are braggs. spectrum or eden. If you absolutely cannot find it then use Heinz apple cider vinegar in glass bottle.

-fresh horseradish root It is a gnarly looking root and I have seen it at some krogers, meijers and giant eagle and even walmarts on occasion.

do not put the horseradish in a blender as it will break it but if you have a vitamix or that blender Montel sells it is fine

if just a blender grate the horseradish root first..

blend all these You can make to applesauce consistency (leaving as is) or by adding more vinegar strain out the solids, Store in refrigerator and if taking the liquid strain some out and shake the jar a few times a day.

Also I find cough drops make you worst creating a tickle go to health food store and see if they have thayers slippery elm lozenges also sold here

these things also are good for knocking out any bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan infections

1 raw garlic minimum 3 cloves a day must be raw

2 organic olive leaf extract or tincture (herbpahrm is good brand)

3 oil of oregano (I like oreganol)

4 grapefruit seed extract (this is bitter take in citrus to help palatability

5 colloidal silver (short term) you can also wash sinuses with this

Also might take some herbpharm or other organic echinacea tincture to boost immunity

Best of luck fellow Ohiioan

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