International Customer Loyalty Month on April, 2024: I'm looking for a slot game called "Pirates" to play online?

April, 2024 is International Customer Loyalty Month 2024. Customer Loyalty Rewards Show Customers You Care About Them. Give Our Online Rewards Mall A Try!

I’m looking for a slot game called "Pirates" to play online?

Did you try Coral Casino ?

Coral has a fully international service with thousands of customers from over 100 countries worldwide.The online casino is licensed in Gibraltar and Coral Casino offers £100 free (100 FREE CHIPS) to get you started, as well as £25 a month loyalty bonus.

All casino games on Coral are Instant play flash games (no software download required). They have PIRATE game too :)

You can read more details at

Good luck


What’s the best Broadband service to get in Sydney?

What's the best Broadband service to get in Sydney?

Telstra own the main internet company, called Bigpond.

They have lots of different options and they will give you discount for combining services.

We have broadband and home phone and recieve 50 free local calls per month. We also get a discounted rate as once our contract expired we asked for a loyalty discount. We save $20 a month off the $69.95, which is apparantly $10 dearer for non-Telstra customers.

We have a home phone for $29.95 per month which with the free local calls only costs us about $10 in calls. There are different plans for std and international rates also.

We have free to air TV in Australia, if you want Foxtel however by bundling this in too you will recieve further discounts from Telstra.

Check out:

Broadband -

Home phone -

Foxtel -

Savings from buddling you services together (they will come on the same bill once per month) -

Personally, I don't get many problems with Telstra, except the occasional internet issue, but that's with everyone and only usually because of problems at the exchange. They are quick to send someone out if you ring and complain. I've never had it down for more then 10mins at a time.

I have been job hunting for 2 months and no one is calling. Does my resume suck? Help.?

I have been job hunting for 2 months and no one is calling. Does my resume suck? Help.?

It doesn't seem like you are qualified for any particular position. You have been bouncing between completely different fields. There are a lot of gaps on your resume (where were you from 1998 to 2000-no job listed for that time), you don't have any real education (undergraduate degree), the sentences are completely grammar inaccurate. From what time to what time were you in school, did you graduate? with what degree? If you are applying for a waitress or the kitchen to was dishes or something-they don't need resumes there. Otherwise I would advise you to change your resume.

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