International Drum Percussion Month on November, 2024: Anyone heard of indoor marching percussion theatres?

November, 2024 is International Drum Percussion Month 2024. Schmitt Music Blog International Percussion Month

Anyone heard of indoor marching percussion theatres?

I have. Most of those groups you have mentioned are part of the WGI (Winter Guard International) Circuit, and perform during the winter months. A lot of times, in the cases of the Blue Knights and Riverside Community College, you'll find a lot of the members are members of drum corps as well.

It's wierd that you would say marching percussion "theatres," because I've never heard it referenced that way. They do themed shows, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it theater. So yes, I've heard of them, and I've been to the WGI Championship for the last three years.

Which drum set would you buy for a 10 year old?

Which drum set would you buy for a 10 year old?

The first kit is far superior and a bargain at that price. Personally, I always go for quality. Also, if he doesn't continue, you will still have a high resale value.

Unlimited Money, 1 Month to Spend, what would you do with it?

Unlimited Money, 1 Month to Spend, what would you do with it?

I'll think realistically about this. This supposedly unlimited amount of money has to come from somewhere (probably tax dollars and/or newly printed money which is cause for inflation). That in mind, the best thing to do would be to send insane amounts of money to charities and organizations both domestic and international that i think are beneficial to the world everyday. I'd send more to the international ones so that the sudden rise in US dollars within the US is lowered and the value goes up.

Along with giving back, I will of course give to myself. I'm a gamer, and gaming is a costly habit. Obviously, I'd buy all the consoles and games I want, and ensure online playability for everything. I'd get the best controllers for their respective consoles. Of course, I'd get the maximum amount that each can host.

I'd completely pay the bill of everything that still requires paying for, ensuring that everything that my house and everything in it is, without argument from the IRS, mine. I'd also buy a house for my girlfriend (who currently lives in an apartment), doing the same thing with the payments, and just pay the entirety. That means that the house selling for $900,000 will actually be $900,000.

I'd give money to schools and for building schools all over the world. I'm a very musical student, so I would help any music programs out there, or create a music program if a school does not have one. I'd also buy myself my very own percussion instruments and equipment (a drum set, 5 octave marimba, xylophone, mallets for everything, etc).

Will my spending utterly destroy the economy? Very likely, but our government can always print more money (hopefully without overdoing it).

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