Picture Book Month on November, 2024: picture books?

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picture books?

colors as soon as 3 months , the more he see colors the more his visual cortex develop , he needs games from all colors and after a year he can differentiate 100 colors

Numbers and letters from 2 years but he needs lots of talking and responding till that age .

Baby pictures?

Baby pictures?

I keep my favorite pictures out in picture frames. The others go into her picture album book. The one I have fits up to 500 pictures and it is almost full already so I have to get another one and she is only 8 months! Don't worry, your not the only one that loves to take pictures :)

body drama book pictures?

body drama book pictures?

No, there isn't one that I can find... but... if the pictures you're looking for (and I'm pretty sure that's what you're after) are the 24 photos of how differently normal women's vulvas can look so you can tell if *you're* OK "down there"... there's something else I can offer.

Women's genitals come in all shapes, sizes and colours... and they go through a lot of changes in all three during puberty. It's all determined by the genes the woman in question was given 9 months before she was born... and in women who've given birth, some of the colour changes during pregnancy end up being permanent.

Some have big, puffy outer lips and tiny little inner ones that can't even be seen without spreading their legs and outer lips both... some have smallish outer lips and inner lips that stick out firmly from them or hang... some have one lip that's one shape and the other lip is completely different... some have pink, purple or dark brown inner lips... some have pale or dark outer lips... some have really big or really little clitorises.

Knowing and accepting your unique "genital geography" isn't something mothers usually pass along to their daughters... but it's something every woman should learn.

Every single set of women's genitalia shown at...

... is perfectly normal... and it's very unlikely that yours are *not* perfectly normal, so you should get to know them well and learn to love them. They're a very important part of what it means to be *you*.


36 years of seeing many women's "down theres" up close and personal. Every one was different, and *all* of them were lovely.

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