Diabetic Eye Disease Month on November, 2024: diabetic eye disease - vision lost?

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diabetic eye disease - vision lost?

since I can see you are from Surat. India.I am original from Valsad but living in USA.My mom also have diabetes and have same eye problem.I have to take her to eye doctor for laser surgery.she had laser surgery in past for at-least 3 or more times.If your father still have uncontrolled sugar level in his blood then he is going to have diabetic retinal problem even more and may be lost all the vision.I suggest you to go to another better eye doctor who specialized to treat diabetic retinal problems.However even after surgery there is still chance to get retina veins in the eyes.I think I have heard in Navsari they have really good well known eye hospital.May be you want to try it?Here is the address and name of that hospital in Navsari.Good Luck.

Smt. Lilavatiben Mohanlal Shah (Billimorawala) Eye Hospital, Dudhia Talav, besides Gohil Hospital,, Navsari, Gujarat, India

Diabetic, do i need my eyes testing?

Diabetic, do i need my eyes testing?

Diabetes is a disease that can affect every part of your body...even your eyes. You have to get your eyes checked twice a year to make sure that this disease isn't affecting your sight or causing any damage to your eyes. So, yes, please go see an eye doctor.

Stress can lead to strain in your eyes which leads to headaches as well.

You'll need eye checks twice a year, DENTIST too (believe it or not diabetes will affect your gums and teeth if not taken care of), and blood work once or twice a year to monitor your levels.

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, and it led to Type 2 diabetes after my son was born because I was so over weight. Since then I have lost 145 pounds and I don't have diabetes any more. But, I'm still at risk. Because of my diabetes, I had a bad abcessed tooth and had to have gum surgery. This was caused not only from diabetes but from not flossing too. Diabetes affects everything from liver, kidneys, teeth, eyes, ...even when you get hurt really bad...you heal A LOT SLOWER because of diabetes. Circulation can be a problem as well, so you have to watch that too...that's why doctors recommend that you take off your shoes when going in for your appointments so that they can check. Keep your toe nails trimmed all times, and if you get cut really badly, you will have to monitor it a lot more closely than usual...and if you do get badly injured, go see your doctor right away.

Sorry for the lengthy answer here. I care about what you're going through. You're scared....then you'll get angry because this disease will control you, and you'll be restricted on a lot of things you do, and then finally you'll start to accept it and deal with it every day. It's hard to go through. Make sure your family helps you by supporting you and your diet needs. Take care, and I hope this helps. I've been there.

Diabetic eye problems?

Diabetic eye problems?

despite the many uninformed answers on this thread...

you could go to either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. while ophthalmologists like to think & tell everyone they have "much more knowledge and training about diabetic eye disease", it is absolutely not true. i happen to know aaaaall about diabetic retinopathy and vision/eye changes related to diabetes, and i see it on a daily basis. i am just as good despite my "fancy equipment"...which i do, in fact have.

ophthalmologists like to try & make this complicated. i'll make it simple: its pretty easy to figure out who has retinopathy & who does not, and to what extent, and if its going to affect heir vision. ophthalmologists make it seem like rocket science, but its not. not to me, anyway.

an optometrist is probably fine to diagnose & manage retinopathy. don't be "blinded" by the uninformed ophthalmology bias here.

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