International Men's Month on June, 2025: Why do so many people hate International Men's Day?

June, 2025 is International Men's Month 2025. Manhood is changing fast.‎ If you don't take a risk to learn, you'll be left out in the cold.

Why do so many people hate International Men’s Day?

International Mens Day is every Year on November the 19th. Who is willing to celebrate it, press thumb up for an upvote :)

it's jealousy why it is hayted, because those who hayte us men assume when we men have a day too, it was hayte too, which is how they project their own hayte on us men. we men can care less, because with international mens day, men create an awareness of mens health issues, mens rights issues, mens education and careers, subsidary programs for boys in school and men at work. what I's like to see is art, abstract art on specificaly how the male mind constructs malehood. that will be terrific to see a consolidation of the creative male spirit MANifest as a visible image.

Why are there no questions about International Men’s Day?

Why are there no questions about International Men's Day?

I'm already quite aware of IMD and November being prostate cancer awareness month.

The prostate cancer awareness color is blue. I keep a blue light on outside my garage all month long.

Men's issues are just as important as women's issues, yet we get a fraction of the attention.


If today is women’s day then when is the international Men’s day ?

If today is women's day then when is the international Men's day ?

Dude... ah man... You might want to sit down for this.

Here's the thing. Men have been engineers in all fields of science and life. Men have praised one another from biblical times to modern times. Women on the other hand have been fight for equal rights and acknowledgment for years. Even now they are considering what men still try to hold on to in terms of tradition and what they feel a woman should do and be.

There isn't an International Men's Day and never will be. Everyday is a reminder of what men have done to help or ruin the world around us. One man discovered a cure for something and another man orchestrated mass genocide of Jewish people.

Women's Day or Month in the USA is a reminder of all the women who've come before us or even now who broke ground in all fields and paved a way for women to be on equal terms with men. So if you need a day to make yourself feel celebrated as man, make it up yourself. Get some friends together, drink beer, smoke something, BBQ and talk about how manly you are. But seriously, don't think someone will actually make a Men's Day or Month. It's like asking for White History Month in the USA

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