International or National Guide Dogs Month on September, 2024: What are 6 important holidays in february?

September, 2024 is International or National Guide Dogs Month 2024. Service Dogs For Vision‎ Vision Impaired , Custom Trained Service Dog Can Enrich Your Life

What are 6 important holidays in february?

Black History Month (United States and Canada)

National School Counseling Week (first week, United States)

American Heart Month

Groundhog Day (February 2)

Mardi Gras (Sometime between February 3 to March 9 in non-leap years or February 4 to March 9 in leap years)

Ash Wednesday (Sometime between February 4 and March 10)

Waitangi Day, New Zealand (February 6)

The Super Bowl

AFC-NFC Pro Bowl

NBA All-Star game

Daytona 500

Westminster Dog Show

St. Valentine's Day (February 14)

Presidents' Day (3rd Monday of February), or Washington's Birthday (February 22)

Lincoln's Birthday (February 12)

Darwin Day celebration

Constitution Day (Mexico) (February 5)

Carnaval (Celebrated before Lent)

NHL All-Star game

Library Lovers Month

National Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month (Canada)

National Bird-Feeding Month

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Flag Day - Canada (February 15)

National Hot Breakfast Month

Imbolc February 2

Thinking Day (Girl Guides) February 22

B.P. day (Scouts Canada) February 22

Founder's Day (Scout Association (UK)) February 22

National Engineers Week (week of Presidents day) (United States)

Independence Day (Dominican Republic) (February 27)

International Mother Language Day (February 21)

National "Shake Your Booty" month

The story of Labradoodles could there have been some sucess if it was handled differently?

The story of Labradoodles could there have been some sucess if it was handled differently?

I think his intentions were Honorable. He was looking for a "New" breed of dog to be used by people who had special needs not only with wanting a service dog but one that would also meet the criteria for those people who had sever allergies to dander.

It wasn't until years of trying and with very limited success that he declared this project ended and a failure. Unfortunately with all the media hype and publicity surround this even he inadvisedly I feel is the father to the Doodle craze we have today. The big difference is that he did realize that to produce this "New" breed would be almost impossible to perfect but by that time all the damage had been done. Any person from that point on saw an opening to not only breed these dogs but to also feel free to go beyond his original intent and do mixes of their own and declare them Allergy free dogs.

I feel this is what we are experiencing today with the "Designer" crazy we have now!

People went nuts and started breeding the poodles with just about anything and declared them allergy free! We know have to deal with what was once an experment to help peopleto a delima of what will they breed with what next and what false claims will be made now!

He open a pandora's box and now we are dealing with it!

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