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Home cleaning business?

One of the big reasons I don't have a cleaning service is because they're so expensive. I called Molly Maid after I had my second baby and thought it would be great to have that just once a week for a little bit...well it turned out to be about $100 for our one bedroom apartment which at the time I could only afford once a month, and with a husband and two kids once a month didn't really help me.

If I was you I'd offer a very basic, come in, dust, clean mirrors and counter in bathroom $50 for a half hour, then offer a la carte cleanings ie

full bathroom clean:mirror, tub, counter, toilet, floor for $30,

full kitchen clean: sink, counter, top and front of fridge, windows& ledges for say another $30,

carpet clean: vacuum all carpet with baking soda sprinkle for $50 living room, hallway and one bedroom, another $15 per bedroom and another $20 for each flight of stairs

a full on holiday clean or spring clean, including all of the above for $150 for a two bedroom, another $50 per extra bedroom.

That way, your bread and butter, the $50 quick clean that really helps people out, first of all people can afford so they'll do it, second, if you're only spending 30-40 minutes in a home you can do a bunch of them in a day/evening. Then at Christmas time and in the spring when people need/want more done or for the people who can afford more you'll be rolling in the dough.

One extra you might think to offer as well is an organizational help service. That seems to be really big now for people, doing their garage and spare rooms etc. You could go in, go through everything put them in boxes for garbage, charity and keep just like they do on tv and the people could choose to either help you or for you to leave the boxes there for them to go through and then take to the dump etc. This service would obviously be something you charge for by consultation only, it depends a lot on what the mess is.

You could also offer a "Teen Clean" for all those parents who say "clean your room or I'm throwing it all out" you can come it, throw away everything on the floor, vaccum, dust, make the bed, bob's your vacuum Another $50 clean for just one room! I'd make people sign a waiver for this one though, or at least leave the garbage bags there for the teen to go through, you wouldn't want to throw away school books or anything.

Try advertising some basic extras also that will set you apart from the rest ie, using "green" cleaning products, the "baking soda sprinkle with every vaccum", maybe even at Christmas you can offer a bag of Christmas-y scented pot pouri sachet's for the kitchen and bath or something. Things that won't cost you a lot to offer but that will make people choose you over someone else.

If I could have found someone to do that $50 clean for me back then, I'd probably still be using them, and that was 5 years ago.

Is there a reason why my fish tank can’t stay clean for more than 2 weeks?

Is there a reason why my fish tank can't stay clean for more than 2 weeks?

Your feeding once a day is fine as long as you aren't feeding more than they can eat in 2-3 minutes. (Btw, your father should be feeding his fish more than 1-2 times per week. Most betta keepers feed a prepared fish food 5 days a week, peas one day a week, and skip a day.)

Yes, you are severely overstocked. Two of your fish are types of goldfish. Goldfish need at least 20 gallons per fish. The corydoras need about the same for a group of 3. The bigger the group, the healthier and more secure they will be. They really, really need groups. You need a bigger tank asap.

You also need to be changing the water more often. Water changes should be done every week with a gravel vacuuming. At least 25% of the water should be changed.

Oh, and ammonia and nitrites should always be 0. Nitrate should be present, but kept less than 25.

COrnsnake cleaning?

COrnsnake cleaning?

Sanitary reasons. You want to replace the entire substrate every few weeks or more often as needed. Bacteria can grow in the substrate. Never used corn husks before as a substrate. Can't imagine it would be a "bad" substrate. I've always used a bark type substrate or even a recycled paper. They make a substrate that is good for snake bedding and its basically recycled paper! Just be sure its low dust and is absorbant.

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