Kiss Your Fiance Day 2025 is on Thursday, March 20, 2025: Semi-romantic Gift ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas for my girlfriend?

Thursday, March 20, 2025 is Kiss Your Fiance Day 2025. 30 Reasons You Should Kiss Your Fiance - Jonathan's Fine Jewelers It is Kiss Your Fiancé Day,

Kiss Your Fiance Day

People need a little of romance within our lives and Hug Your Fiancé Day is a perfect chance to indulge your romantic side. Valentine's day is not only a reason to hug the one you love it is also an chance to unwind and relax.Hug Your Fiancé Day was produced like a indication to couples who're busy planning their big day to consider a while off and revel in one another. As kissing is therapeutic and relaxing, there isn’t any better method to unwind than with a decent hug. Why don't you make use of the day being an excuse to organize a unique date evening, just like an balancing in the cinema in order to a cafe or restaurant, or prepare a unique meal for your better half.Planning for a wedding is among the most demanding occasions in anyone’s existence, so go ahead and take day like a indication to have a great time, too.

Semi-romantic Gift ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas for my girlfriend?

I'm doing the 12 days of Christmas the same way you are for my Fiance. =] I based mine off of the song. For the 1st day (Partridge in a Pear Tree), I found an Ornament with 2 birds on it. For the 2nd day (2 Turtle Doves), I bought a bar of Dove soap & a package of Turtle Candies. For the 3rd day (3 French hens) I'm going to buy a small Cornish Hen and cook it (easy to bake). The 4th day (4 Calling birds), he always eats at Subway & calls me on his lunch everyday, so I bought him a Subway gift card. For the 5th day (5 Golden Rings), we are about to be getting married, so I'm going to buy him 4 glazed donuts. The 6th day (6 Geese a laying), I'm going to make him an omelet that morning with different meats and cheeses. For the 7th day (7 swans a swimming), I bought him some bath stuff & cologne. The 8th day (8 maids a milking), I got some milk duds. For the 9th day, (9 ladies dancing), I got some socks & a nice pair of house shoes. The 10th day (10 Lords a leaping), I got him one of those candy canes stuffed with kisses. For the 11th day (11 pipers piping), I got him some hot chocolate mix. & the 12th day (12 drummers drumming), I'm going to buy some drumstick ice cream & I got a 12 month calendar made with our pics on it.

I think what you are doing is WONDERFUL!!! I hope you have fun with it. You can throw stuff in there to make her laugh. I'm printing up little poems to go with his. If you need any help, email me & I'll be happy to help!!


What day do you mark as your anniversary day?? (non-married couples)?

What day do you mark as your anniversary day?? (non-married couples)?

My fiance and I count it as the day of our first kiss because I knew from that day on I would not be with anyone else. There was no official "date" (we were in high school), no formal discussion, just a kiss. We've been together now six and a half years and soon to be married. :-)

How to make up with my fiancé?

How to make up with my fiancé?

Make him a nice dinner, and hug/kiss him as soon as he walks through the door. He's been missing you all day too surely. :))

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