Ostara Day 2025 is on Thursday, March 20, 2025: Happy Ostara!?

Thursday, March 20, 2025 is Ostara Day 2025. Ostara Day II by Ilmatarja on deviantART Ostara Day II by Ilmatarja

Happy Ostara!?



Again did the earth shift

Again did the nights grow short

And the days long

And the people

of the Earth were glad

and celebrated

each in their own ways

- Diane Lee Moomey

Around March 20/21, we celebrate Ostara, the Spring Equinox, which heralds the beginning of spring and the of the agricultural year On this day darkness and light are in balance. From this day onward, day will dominate the night and the Earth will explode with life. Ostara is a celebration of this renewal and rebirth of nature and warming of the Earth. As mirrors of the world around us, this is an ideal time to put plans into action for growth in our own lives, to actively encourage change.

Ostara is named after Eostra or Ostara, who is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring to whom offerings of cakes and colored eggs were made at the Vernal Equinox. Rabbits were sacred to her, especially white rabbits, and she was believed to take the form of a rabbit.

It is time for the Earth to "spring" into action and for us to initiate and celebrate new beginnings. One of the most universal symbols of this Sabbat is the planting of seeds and the sprouting of new life from the womb of the Earth Mother. The Vernal or Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the "light" half of the year, when day gradually becomes longer than night. From now until Autumn, the power of the Goddess dominates our festivities bringing light, warmth and fertility to the earth. The courtship of the God and Goddess commences with this Sabbat and this is an appropriate time to focus on the balance of male and female energies within ourselves.

In the Pagan Wheel of the Year, this is the time when the great Mother Goddess, again a virgin at Candlemas, welcomes the young Sun God unto her and conceives a child of this divine union. The child will be born nine months later, at Yule, the Winter Solstice.

The word "Easter" is derived from the word "Eostre" and the symbols used to celebrate Easter have pre-Christian origins. The Easter bunny reminds us of the hare, the animal most sacred to the Goddess Diana and the eggs that the hare brings symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, continuity and growth. Have you ever wondered why Easter changes dates and months from year to year? Interestingly it is always the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring Equinox! Blessed Be....

Happy Ostara

Divine-Candle(magickal name)

is it okay to celebrate ostara two days after?

is it okay to celebrate ostara two days after?

Please stop stressing. Yes it will be fine for you to celebrate a couple of days later. I belong to an open circle that meets on Saturday. Not all of the Sabbats fall on that day. So sometimes we have to celebrate a little before or after. If it makes you feel better simply apologize to your goddess for your tardiness w/ a small offering. I'm sure she will understand.

Ostara Ideas?

Ostara Ideas?

Foods in tune with this day (linking your meals with the seasons is a fine way of attuning with Nature) include eggs, egg salad, hard-boiled eggs, honey cakes, first fruits of the season, fish, cakes, biscuits, cheeses, honey and ham. You may also include foods made of seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, as well as pine nuts. Sprouts are equally appropriate, as are leafy, green vegetables.

Here are some links.


Fried bread and eggs

Deviled eggs


Divinity candy

Fellowship fruit cup

Be sweet honey cakes

Hot Cross Buns

Soft mead

Ostara pineapple punch

Glazed apple bites

After-dinner wafers

Rosemary sherbet

Candied flowers

Maple nut muffins

Sugar 'n spice cakes

Springtime strawberry bread


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