Make Your Dream Come True Day 2023 is on Friday, January 13, 2023: DREAMS! had a strange dream other night? and it come true the next day?

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Friday, January 13, 2023 is Make Your Dream Come True Day 2023. Make 2014 the Year You Pursue Your Dream Job - FindTheRightJob “Make Your Dream Come True

DREAMS! had a strange dream other night? and it come true the next day?

Sometimes dreams come true. My sister and Mom have had dreams then later been like, "I dreamed that this happened!"

Usually when I have dreams they're vague and what happens in my dream happens years later. It's happened about four times. The first time it took three years (I dreamed I owned a cat, and I got it three years later, identical to the one in my dream!)

The second time I can't really remember but I remember that it took about a year.

Then there was one I had that was vague but about this girl who was "going crazy" and going to hurt this guy. And three years later my guy friend that was in the dream startingdating the girl in my dream and...well, it ended badly.

And then there was another...not exactly sure what that one was either... :/

DO you think dreams can come true?

DO you think dreams can come true?

Dreams come true all the time, but not always in a literal sense. Most dreams are SYMBOLIC in meaning. It has happened to me multiple times, and you can see other examples of this happening on the 'Dream Interpretation' section of Y!A

When a dream is so vivid and realistic, it usually means that the dream has a significant meaning. Although some dreams come true literally, DO NOT DWELL ON THAT POSSIBILITY. Be open to the various possible meanings of the dream. Remember, the girl in your dream could be symbolic of something (or someone) else. Perhaps even the marriage was symbolic?

Don't let it control your life, but don't try to forget the dream either. Record it in a 'dream journal' of sorts, and keep your eye out for opportunities.

Deja Vu during day and dreams coming true?

Deja Vu during day and dreams coming true?

The things you are describing due to Precognition and Telepathy, not Deja Vu. I'm 52 years old, and I've experienced precognitive dreaming since I was 11. Later on, I began to have precognitive visions, and then something that I call "instant precog", where there isn't enough time for your mind to give you the information in a vision, but you still know it.

When I was a year older than you, I began to experiment with Telepathy with a friend from high school. With practice, I became an accomplished telepath. Though your abilities may seem to be stronger from time to time, they usually will not "get better" unless you practice them. I've had the best results assisting people with their abilities when they were in the age range of 13 - 22, so I think you have a good chance of increasing the strength and accuracy of your abilities should you choose to do so.

What Skarn said is correct for people who do not have psychic abilities. Anyone can "predict" things, and through a process of "cold reading", a person can make educated guesses about a total stranger. There is a big difference between those two things and people who actually have psychic abilities. Precognitive dreams or visions contain actual knowledge, so a person with precognitive ability really knows the future - there is no guessing and no "predicting". In 41 years of having precognitive dreams and visions, what I have seen has never (yes, never) been wrong.

Everyone (even skeptics) broadcast their thoughts. My theory on telepathy (too long to fully describe here) is that the frequency (for lack of a better description) at which a person transmits their thoughts is encoded into their DNA. That would explain why identical siblings and other blood-related family members have more telepathic experiences. After your mind has learned how to tune into the minds of various family members, it is easier to then begin to read friends because you have learned how to search for different frequencies and your friends let their guards down around you. With practice you should eventually be able to read the minds of total strangers.

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